Anupamaa’s New Married Life Begins With Anuj!

anupamaa wedding video
Anupamaa wedding was a rollercoaster event with many hurdles but Anuj and Anupamaa remained strong. After successfully tying the knot, the MaAn couple finally got their happily ever after as they move to their new home and begin their newly married life.

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Anupamaa’s wedding is over after a grand celebration in the presence of the entire family, neighbours and smiling faces at last. There were some really tiring hurdles with Vanraj’s constant plots but in the end, everyone joined the celebration with a smile. The haldi, mehendi and sangeet were a month long event but our wait was worth it as we will finally be seeing Anuj and Anupamaa’s married life post wedding.

Anuj And Anupamaa Wedding : Couple Begins Their Married Life

After beautifully planned and executed haldi ceremony, mehendi and sangeet (hurdles aside), we finally witnessed the D-Day. Anupamaa dressed in a beautiful white and red lehenga and donned grand jewellery. Anuj, on the other hand, looked dapper in red sherwani and green pagdi. Anupamaa’s bidaai was emotional as she recollected her memories that she made in the Shah house one last time. Everybody wishes her luck and gives her gifts, including Vanraj who changed at the end.

Anuj and Anupamaa sit in the car to leave for Anuj’s home and share an intimate moment while Anuj discusses with her how emotional bidaai is. They go to Anuj’s late parent’s house which she never knew existed. Anuj explains that Malvika used to live here but he stayed in a different apartment as he felt lonely here. However, now that he had Anupamaa with him, he was no longer lonely. To Anupamaa’s surprise, the Shah family, Devika and Gopi kaka were already present in the house to welcome the newlyweds making another emotional moment.

Anupamaa’s grih pravesh was special as Anuj too performed all the rituals with her. Anupamaa reminices about the moments she spent with Anuj. On the other hand, we see Vanraj praying for Anupamaa’s happiness and starts making alarms for various house duties that were Anupamaa’s headache till now. From Kinjal’s check-up, Bapuji’s medicines and Samars’ Sunday class to electricity bill and groceries, he thought how was she able to manage so many things perfectly.

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