7 Things I Loved About Kiara Advani As Dimple Cheema

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Kiara Advani Dimple Cheema: Kiara Advani played Dimple Cheema, the fiancée of young martyr Vikram Batra, in Shershaah. Batra is essayed by Sidharth Malhotra.

Shershaah is the story of Kargil martyr, Captain Vikram Batra, released last week and has been garnering praises from the audience. Advani has earlier said that all the scenes between her character and Malhotra’s are based on real-life moments shared by Cheema and Batra.

Shershaah despite being a war movie acknowledged Dimple Cheema’s loss for its emotional and sensitive storytelling as the love story of Vikram and Dimple is an integral part of it. Batra’s father Giridhar Lal Batra spoke to TOI that they were satisfied with the casting of the film. He also revealed that Dimple Cheema calls up about twice in a year on their respective birthdays.

Advani’s performance is being appreciated not just because of her on-screen chemistry with Malhotra, but Advani’s emotional connection with the character, which the audience has felt is on-point throughout the film. The Kabir Singh actor was captured shedding tears while watching the climax scene of the film in a flight.

Here’s why I loved watching Kiara Advani as Dimple Cheema:

She got the emotion right

Shershaah narrates the story of the Kargil war hero who fought valiantly till his last breath. But Dimple Cheema’s story is equally important in the narrative. She is an unsung hero. Cheema fought for her love and faced every obstacle that came in her life. Dimple Cheema stands as an inspiration.

The perfection

In the last part of the film, when she was shown crying seeing her fiancée’s dead body, Advani aptly captured the journeys and heartbreaks of the woman who are associated with men in defence forces.

Her simplicity won hearts

Advani seemed to have worked hard on her Punjabi accent which was essential for the story.

She portrays a modern Indian woman

Cheema represents a modern-day Indian woman who makes her own choices and follows them confidently. Her decision to not get married and her faith, belief and strength show through the character. And, Advani portrayed her with the same amount of confidence and stature. Now, one of her videos has been doing rounds on the internet in which she was seen breaking down with the song Mann Bharryaa 2.0 plays in the background. More here.

Kiara got notes from Dimple Cheema

The 29-year-old actor and Cheema met in Chandigarh before shooting the film. She wanted to understand Cheema’s powerful journey, and subsequently worked hard for the film and even tried to connect with the family members. After listening to her story directly from her, Advani started the shootings. Later, she expressed how “honoured” she was to play such an incredible role. She called her “courageous” and “committed” and thanked Cheema for sharing her personal story with her. The actor added: My respect and admiration for you is boundless.

Kiara is exactly like Dimple

In a conversation with Mid-Day, Advani revealed Cheema was “touched” after watching the film. She shared this is an emotional movie for the teacher who has proudly chosen this life for herself.

Dimple Cheema is her inspiration

Advani says that the character of Cheema inspired her. Expressing her gratitude, the actor said she will always hold a special place in her heart because, through her, she got a deeper understanding of what it takes, the emotional journey of any partner of an officer who is serving the nation.

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