How Bollywood 2021 Put Sexist Dialogues On The Headlines. Yet Again.

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Bollywood movies are loved by audience not only in India but worldwide. The impact of scenes and dialogues on the people is huge. Some fans blindly follow what the star says or does. Few of the famous dialogues like “Pyaar se de rahe hai, rakh lo, warna thappad marke bhi de sakte hain” from Salman’s Dabangg, or “akeli ladki khuli tijori ke tarah hoti hai” from Jab We Met are shockingly sexist. Despite much criticism films each year continue to use words that discriminate women. Look at these blockbuster films of 2021 that put sexist dialogues on the headlines. Yet again.

In the past as well, we have had many instances of dialogue from our favourite Bollywood movies that went viral but were still objected by section of people for forced masculinity, cringe mindset and obviously glorifying women as the “humble but accepting character”. This does not set right tone in society where people take the scenes for granted and feel this is the “right” thing to do.

5 Sexist Dialogues From Bollywood Movies 2021:

1. “Meenakshi tum waha job nahin karogi” : Film Meenakshi Sundareshwar’s central dialogue.

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In the film, when Meenakshi was told by her father-in-law to not work at her male friend’s tea estate because he suspected the relationship between them. Meenakshi’s friend, a guy named Anantham gifted her a saree, which was not well-taken by her in-laws. The Sanya Malhotra movie, had two or three instances of family dictating her what to do with the life and it could not be more sexist. That is probably the reason many felt, “the film started out so promising and then nose dived in its plot.”

2. “Agar main use nahin pakad paya, to main haathon mai churiyaan pehan lunga” : Satyamev Jayate 2

In one of the action scenes from John Abraham starrer, it appears that wearing bangle is a sign of weakness. Maybe the dialogue writer, does not feel enough respect to be given to the woman folk hood working day in and out to earn a living, run a family and many female warriors of India like Rani Lakshmibai wearing bangles and winning battles?

Our films really need to give this churiyan dialogue a skip.

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3. “Ye sare pakwaan Rani ne khud se banaye hai, embroidery bhi usi ne ki hai…” : Haseen Dilruba

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When Vikrant Massey comes to “see” Taapsee in her house, her mother explains how sarvaguna sampann her daughter is and they should finalise the wedding with her. Apparently, girls can only be wed if they know how to do daily chores and are “sarvaguna sampann”.

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4. Mere paas pen nahi hai… Mere paas bhi pen nahi hai” : Pagglait

When the entire family is shown shocked to see the insurance paper of their deceased son Astik- making her wife Sandhya as nominee of insurance money after death.

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This impactful but sexist scene where no one is able to find a pen or pretends not having a pen to give to Sandhya, their widowed daughter-in-law, is a real life story in every household. It is because people don’t believe in authorising woman to handle the money matters of a house.

5. “Meri aurat ko sirf main hi hath laga sakta” , “Jis din tumhe ehsas hoga ke paisa sab kuch nahi hota to tu mere kadmon par aake giregi”: Hungama 2

Hungama 2 Trailer

The comical drama is full of instances where the female are pointed to for their defined role and objectified as a property. In the name of comedy, such dialogues have been made very common and these videos are later circulated on WhatsApp group and thereby take them normally.

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