Binge Watch list 2021: 9 Women-Centric K-drama Series

women-centric K-drama

Korean dramas or widely-known K-dramas are popular for their aesthetics, engaging storylines and some unconventional characters. Although the romance genre is most-sought after, what some people might be unaware of is the captivating and multi-dimensional characters in the women-centric K-drama series. 

Decades ago, these shows could only imagine women as a damsel-in-distress. They were mostly dependent on the male protagonist for almost everything (sometimes to an extent that it’s annoying). Breaking the mould that limits the female characters as frail and sunny at all times, some noteworthy women-centric K-drama series have made a mark. Here, we have listed the K-dramas featuring women-centric storylines that are binge-worthy:

She Would Never Know

The rom-com is based on a novel titled “Sunbae, Don’t Put on That Lipstick” by Elise which was published in 2017. Yoon Song Ah, the female lead, works as a marketer for a cosmetic brand. Song-Ah, an ambitious woman aspires to establish her own cosmetic brand, meets Chae Hyun Seung at work. Hyun-Seung falls for his senior and tries to develop a romantic relationship with her. 

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Aired: 18 Jan 2021

Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music 

The romance series tells the story of three female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, who work together in a  local radio program. They deal with the troubles of married couples and are on a search for true love. Bu Hye Ryeong, who is a radio DJ, Sa Pi Young, radio program producer, and Lee Shi Eun, writer of the radio program are unaware of the misfortune that would disrupt their lives. 

Genre: Romance

Aired: 23 Jan 2021

Love Scene Number

This women-centric drama features four women: 23-year-old Nam Doo-Ah, 29-year-old Lee Ha-Ram, 35-year-old Yoon Ban-Ya, and 42-year-old Jung Chung-Kyung, who are at a turning point of their lives. Meanwhile, they contemplate what they desire from their partners and love. 

Genre: Romance

Aired: 1 Feb 2021

Miss Monte-Cristo

The revenge story revolves around three friends, who turn into rivals as a grown up. Go Eun-Zo is a promising fashion designer, her friends Ha Ra, and Se Rin desire for her lover and exceptional talent, respectively. They have driven Eun Jo to death out of greed. Later, Eun-Zo, who vows revenge on the culprits, returns as a heartless woman. 

Genre: Drama, Romance

Aired: 15 Feb 2021

River Where the Moon Rises

River Where the Moon Rises is adapted from a novel titled Princess Pyeonggang. Pyeong Gang is a princess and a warrior who dreams of ascending the throne of Goguryeo. She is determined to stop at nothing before she acquires the throne. However, things take a turn when she meets the peace-loving On Dal, who is the exact opposite of the warrior princess. Pyeong-Gang’s quest to power might cost her everything in life.  

Genre: Drama 

Aired: 15 Feb 2021

Hello, Me

Ban Ha Ni has lost her zeal that she possessed as a young woman. Now, 37-year-old Ha Ni, single and working as a temporary position, meets herself to gain more confidence. The story takes a turn when the 17-year-old Ban Ha Ni from the past meets her older self. 

Genre: Romance

Aired: 17 Feb 2021

Sisyphus: The Myth

A time travel story spans out when a brilliant engineer Han Tae Sul, a co-founder of Quantum and Time, finds an unreliable truth about his brother’s death 10 years ago. He sets off on a dangerous journey following the event. Kang Seo-Hae, who is an elite warrior, comes to his rescue. Seo-Hae has learned the skills of a sharpshooter and was able to make bombs after living amongst gangsters and warlords.

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fic 

Aired: 17 Feb 2021


Lee Jin-Woo and Seo Jung-In both work as a reporter but live 5 years apart. On a strange phone call the two get connected. The two set on a mission to save the life of the South Korea President Seo Ki-Tae, who is also the father of Seo Jung-In. 

Genre: Mystery, Drama 

Aired: 20 Feb 2021


Red Sky

Hong Cheon Ki is a female painter with a genius like painting talent in this drama set in the  Joseon era. After Cheon-Ki is picked as the first female painter of the Dohwaseo (Korean Royal Academy of Painting) she meets Ha Ram. Ha-Ram, who is an officer at the Seowoongwan, has lost his vision following an accident at a young age. However, Cheon-ki doesn’t care that he is blind and falls in love with him.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Airs: Sep 2021

Binge Watch list 2021: 9 Women-Centric K-drama Series