Anti-Feminist YouTuber Gains Popularity As "Female Andrew Tate"

Controversial YouTuber "Pearl" garners 1.5 million followers with polarizing views on feminism and gender roles. Hannah Pearl Davis sparks debates with provocative statements, questioning women's voting rights and advocating against divorce.

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Image credits: Leedaily

Image credits: Leedaily

A 26-year-old YouTuber identified as Hannah Pearl Davis has sparked widespread controversy and gained over 1.5 million followers with her anti-feminist views. Her popularity surged following her association with Andrew Tate, a well-known influencer, and her provocative content continues to generate viral attention.

With video clips of her inflammatory statements gaining viral traction on Twitter and TikTok, Davis has emerged as a prominent figure in the online discourse surrounding feminism, women's rights, and gender roles. Her follower count soared after Tate's arrest on sex trafficking charges, as he had appeared as a guest on Davis's channel shortly before his apprehension. 

According to SocialBlade, Davis's YouTube following increased from 960,000 subscribers to 1.54 million since Tate's arrest. However, her TikTok account, which had 930,000 followers, was banned in August of last year due to her comments on feminism that were deemed in violation of platform guidelines.

Anti-Feminist YouTuber Hannah Pearl Davis On Feminism

Davis has questioned the selective censorship of certain ideas and expressed her belief that both sides should be allowed to contribute to the conversation. She asserts that women's issues have been discussed extensively over the past two decades, while women do not give attention to men's perspectives. Davis claims that any content portraying women negatively is promptly removed and censored.

Davis, who is originally from Chicago, currently lives in London, where she rose to prominence through street interviews and now presents a YouTube discussion show called The Pregame. Her rapid rise to fame began in May 2022 when her increasingly edgy content appealed to a wider audience, resulting in a staggering increase in subscribers. Her content often includes tongue-in-cheek "whiteboard" presentations and has propelled her subscriber count from 25,000 to over half a million in just six months.

Despite her upbringing by parents who were involved in supporting gender-equality programs, including her mother's role on the board of directors for UN Women USA, Davis holds opposing views and advocates against women's rights. She has expressed beliefs such as women not deserving the right to vote, divorce being illegal, and society being better off without women in non-reproductive roles.


Davis has stated that she draws inspiration from right-wing figures like Ben Shapiro and economist Thomas Sowell. She has joined forces with manager Coby DeVito, a former colleague of Shapiro's at The Daily Wire.

While Davis denies exaggerating her opinions for the sake of clicks, she acknowledges her enjoyment of generating controversy. She has openly expressed her belief that women shouldn't have the right to vote and has called for the banning of divorce, generating polarising discussions among viewers.

In her videos, Davis justifies this view by suggesting that men's frustration with women stems from statistics related to contraception, abortion, sexual diseases, and promiscuity. She argues that society, including the courts and legal systems, excessively favours women, leading to unfavourable outcomes for men. Davis believes that politicians cater to women's votes, which hinders the possibility of enacting changes to existing laws.

In another viral video viewed by 2.6 million users, Davis controversially suggests that society could function efficiently without women, except for reproductive purposes. She goes on to criticise women who profit from their appearance and rely on government subsidies, asserting that men should be allowed to hit back in certain situations.

Clips of Davis appearing on other podcasts, including a contentious debate with YouTuber Ethan Klein on topics such as slavery and divorce rights, have gained widespread attention. Davis has suggested banning divorce altogether, arguing that marriage should be a lifelong commitment and not subject to personal feelings or desires to leave. In other snippets from her appearances on various podcasts, she criticises women for their physical appearance, blames them for their partner's infidelity, and suggests that men should be allowed to physically retaliate against women.

Despite the backlash, Davis maintains that she is not a misogynist and asserts that recognizing the inherent differences between men and women shouldn't be considered hateful. She stands by her beliefs, even as her controversial statements continue to attract millions of views and ignite ongoing debates regarding gender roles and equality.


While some laud her as a bold voice unafraid to challenge mainstream narratives, others condemn her for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting regressive ideals. As Pearl's online presence continues to grow, so does the intensity of the debates surrounding her views on feminism, gender dynamics, and societal norms. 

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