Second Chance: Couple Falls In Love With Each Other Again Post Divorce

Kejal opens up to SheThePeople on her marriage with Abhiishek, what transpired when they went their separate ways, and why communication and comprehension played a key role in their second chance at love.  

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Couple Marries Again After Divorce
Love is both easy and challenging to comprehend; maybe because it's subjective and holds a different meaning from person to person. However, what it holds is the capacity to transform people and bind them like never before. For Kejal and Abhiishek, that's exactly what it did.

Kejal opens up to SheThePeople about why her first marriage with Abhiishek failed, why it worked for the second time with the same person, what transpired in the gap when they went their separated ways, and why communication and comprehension played a key role in their second chance at love.

Second Chance At Love: Kejal And Abhiishek

“In 2014, Abhishek and I met in an arranged marriage setup. We decided to tie the knot after meeting each other 2-3 times. We got married in 2015 after a courtship period of 3 months, and it seemed like the perfect marriage until we started arguing with each other over little things. Soon, our small arguments turned into bigger and more regular fights. We decided to sit together and talk about our disagreements & reasons things are not falling into place.

But, even after multiple reconciliations, we mutually decided to separate our ways and file for divorce. We thought maybe we were not meant to be together. Though I never had plans for a divorce while I was marrying. Unfortunately, things turned out this way. And we went our separate ways.

After a few months, I received a text from him, 'I think maybe it's our ego that kept us apart. I want to give us one more chance.’ I too had the same feelings attached to our relationship. But my family didn't allow me to go back to Abhishek again. They were against us this time! But Abhishek, putting his ego aside, left no stone unturned to prove his sincerity towards me to my parents.

We started meeting each other just like new lovers again. And this time, everything seemed aligned. Our hearts were etched stronger than ever before. So, we started dating again and kept our relationship a secret from our families. To our surprise, we were head over heels for each other, and this happened just because we didn't let our egos come in between us.

Finally, we realised our divorce couldn't erase the love we had for each other. We felt that spark and in 2021, took our vows for the second time, surrounded by our friends and family. Now, we count upon each other every single day & living our best lives with the belief that ‘What's meant for you; comes to you!’ ”

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