Who Is Hannah Pearl Davis? Female Andrew Tate Popular For Anti-Feminist Content

Who Is Hannah Pearl Davis
With Andrew Tate imprisoned in the Romanian jail, another content creator named Hannah Pearl Davis is gaining popularity with her anti-feministic content. 26-year-old Davis, who is nicknamed “female Andrew Tate,” is considered the latest celebrity misogynist by critics.

Being a woman herself, her misogynistic content hits the audience on a completely different level. Her YouTube “Just Pearly Things” channel has seen a drastic 50 percent growth in the audience in the past three months since Andrew Tate’s arrest. Her subscribers have gone from 800,000 to 1.3 million.

Who Is Hannah Pearl Davis

Davis debates with and criticises feminists in her podcast, “The Pregame.” She lauds Tate’s preachings and presents herself as a rare champion from a male point of view. Unlike Tate, Davis doesn’t consider herself a misogynist and claims that she doesn’t hate women. She argues that her work is being criticised because its content serves as an advocate for men.

Davis is also highly popular on TikTok, with her handle having more than 300 million views. Her videos show her blaming women when their male partners cheat, encouraging men to hit women, and saying that obese women don’t deserve men who make six-figure salaries.

In one of her videos, Davis holds women’s looks and behaviour accountable for men being unfaithful. “You don’t cook well, you belittle him, you nag him, and you don’t treat him like a man,” she said. Despite receiving criticism, she attracted a lot of views. In another video, Davis says, “It is 99.99% the fault of unmarried women who get pregnant.

Davis was raised in Chicago in a lavish home with nine siblings and parents Dan and Jenifer Davis, who were software entrepreneurs. Davis started posting on both YouTube and TikTok in 2020. She started off with casual content, including her life. She gained around 100,000 followers on her first TikTok account, where she helped people figure out why they were dumped. She called the series “Breakup Quiz.” She also gained popularity from her brief relationship with Oneya D’Amelio, a fellow Tiktoker, in 2021.

Davis has been gaining consistent traction since May 2022. She moved to London and filmed people on the street, asking them private questions about their dating and sex lives. Her videos boast of her owning feminists in debates and trolling the beliefs and values of modern women.

As of March 2023, Davis had 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 410,000 followers on TikTok. Her subscriber list is twice as large as Tate’s when he was banned from the platform.

Davis dedicated her success to fighting from men’s corners and says that men are not empathised with enough online. She feels that men are discriminated against in society by the legal system and society.

According to Insider, Davis believes that women follow her because they too see the larger issue, and men follow her because finally there is one form of media that advocates for men.

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