8 ways relatives body-shame women at weddings

Everyone in today's culture, including our families, teaches women that they must project a certain image, that they must be fit and attractive. Family gatherings are vital because they allow us to fully enjoy ourselves. However, it may occasionally lead to despair because relatives do not spare anyone when it comes to making comments about our future, family, or physical size.

Anjali Lavania
Nov 30, 2021 03:15 IST
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Desi relatives take the cake in shaming their own families and daughters. Come wedding season, all the excitement to dress up and get going makes you feel wasted when you land up chatting with a bua or tauji who thinks you need to be more conservatively dressed because 'other parents will be checking you out' for marriage. From the day women are born they are encouraged to fit into a specific look, size and behaviour. Our own families are blame for this. Their definitions are pre-defined and they want women to conform to it. Here are 8 ways relatives body-shame women at weddings

1. When relatives talk about bodyweight

Relatives occasionally make remarks without thinking about the consequences for the woman they're talking about. Relatives have a propensity of chatting about and commenting on one another. Frequently, one of the good health relatives speaks about his or her belly fat in front of a woman who is not so fit. This may have a negative impact on her mental health. However, the relatives are unaware of this.

“The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says- It’s a girl.”


2. When relatives offer extra food and workout recommendations

Imagine you're at a family member's wedding, and one of your relatives approaches you and says, "You're not taking care of your physique." You should stop eating pizzas and junk food and start going to the gym." What would your reaction be? This will have a significant impact on you, making you feel depressed and causing self-doubt issues. Women are quite self-conscious about their bodies, and if relatives comment on them or offer them extra weight-management advice, they may feel insecure.

3. Observations and comments on food choices


Many of the women in weddings are scrutinised for their cuisine preferences by many of their acquaintances. Imagine your Aunt from Kanpur telling you, "Swati, don't eat too much, it will impact your weight." What would your reaction be?

4. Considering thin is beautiful

It is common for relatives to compare anything and anyone.  When two sisters are compared and one is slender while the other is somewhat heavier, the so-called aunts and uncles regard the first one to be more attractive. This is completely false, and one should not associate being skinny with being attractive. Everybody structure should be admired and appreciated. In addition, complimenting the lean one in front of the one who is a little bulkier might make her feel insecure.


5. Observing the fashion sense of others

Members of your family must have complimented on your fashion sense at a number of family gatherings. Women, on the whole, have had a lot of experience with this circumstance. Another form of body-shaming is telling her that this outfit will not suit her and her body type. Everyone, including men, women, transgender people, and LGBTQ people, should be able to dress as they wish.

6. Inquiring if she has dropped weight


It is not a fine decision to question any girl if she has lost weight or not by any of her relatives. This is also a type of body shaming. It actually indicates they only think she's attractive only if she loses weight. Not everyone loses weight for the sake of appearances; some people lose weight due to serious health issues. This stereotyping must come to an end.

7. Objectifying

You'll clearly feel self-conscious if relatives fat-shame you or your mother or grandma, whether by mistake or on purpose. Your grandma or mother may lose confidence and get unhappy at times. This fat-shaming must end, and all body shapes should be viewed as lovely and divine creations.


8. Staring

At weddings, relatives gaze at you in a manner that might be uncomfortable at times. That must have happened to women of all ages. They'll note your accessories, Kurtis, and everything else you're wearing and will to someone else about you. This is a highly inconvenient technique to disgrace someone's physique. This should be brought to the attention of the public since it is strongly advised that circumstances like this be disregarded, which is incorrect.



Every woman on the planet should learn to embrace her body type and herself. They need to understand that they are one-of-a-kind. Relatives will arrive and depart, saying a variety of things. Keep one ear ready to hear their insults and the other open to ignore them. Allowing someone's harsh remarks to damage your self-esteem is not a good idea. Keep in mind that you are unique.

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