Powerful Feminist Roles In Modern Punjabi Cinema

What makes these films powerful, full of real struggles?

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most memorable feminist roles in punjabi cinema
Punjabi cinema has matured and is on its way to becoming a significant voice in the industry. We've been seeing films with fresh and feminist content and they not only entertain us but also inspire us. Today, we'll take a look at some memorable feminist roles in modern Punjabi cinema.

1. Angrej: Sargun Mehta

With her notable debut in the Punjabi film industry, from her excellent acting, expressions, and dialogue delivery, Sargun Mehta’s performance in"> Angrej was just extraordinary. Despite being an outsider, her work is worth watching. Aside from that, Sargun's sweet and tangy character in this film will undoubtedly appeal to you. The old era that is shown in the movie is supported by Sargun's performance. A girl with a balanced mix of emotions and maturity makes Dhann Kaur (Sargun) a unique character who knows the consequences of what will happen if she hurts her dear ones. Her maturity and sense make this role a feminist role in that ancient era. 

 2. Surkhi Bindi: Sargun Mehta

Thanks to her outstanding performance in ">Surkhi Bindi, Sargun Mehta has resurfaced again on the list. Her character in this film serves as an excellent role model for all the women who have given up on their dreams for various reasons. In this film, Sargun played Rano, a woman who aspired to immigrate to Canada and works hard to achieve her goal, despite not knowing what fate has in store for her. This film becomes a must-see as a result of her excellent portrayal of her character. The urge to live one's dream irrespective of whatever the situation is makes Raano (Sargun) a feminist character in the movie.

3. Punjab 1984: Kirron Kher 

Not only is the film,"> Punjab 1984, a really powerful one but so are all of the characters in it. However, Kirron Kher's excellent acting skills in the film have won over the hearts of the audience. Her character’s performance connects with the audience in such a way that everyone becomes emotionally involved.


Furthermore, Kirron Kher has stated that she has never watched the entire movie because the character's pain is too much for her to bear. This exemplifies how strong she was in the movie.  The strong, emotional, and painful portrait of Satwant Kaur by Kirron Kher helps us to know much strong willpower martyrs' mothers have. 

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4. Channo Kamli Yaar Di: Neeru Bajwa

Neeru Bajwa is a well-known and established name in the Punjabi film industry. Bajwa's performance in"> Channo Kamli Yaar Di is indisputable when it comes to memorable roles in modern Punjabi cinema. Because she played a woman who travels to Canada in search of her husband, the story and her character were difficult to portray. Neeru, whether a working woman or a typical housewife, represents the strength and power of every woman in this film. With this iconic role of Neeru Bajwa, our expectations are more from her and we want to see her in more roles like this. Her independence, survival in a foreign land, and mental strength makes this role a feminist one in Punjabi Cinema.


5. Ardab Mutiyaran: Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa is unmistakable when it comes to women's roles in Punjabi films. Her film ">Ardab Mutiyaran, in particular, has served as a role model for many young women. She portrayed a strong and independent woman in the film who marries a man and struggles to live life on her own terms. She is a symbol for all women who fight for their right to self-determination, freedom, and regulation. Thus, this can be regarded as another strong and feminist role in Punjabi cinema.

 6. Asees: Rupinder Rupi

In the movie ">Asees, Rupinder has not just played an important role but has lived that role honestly.  She plays a mother of five children dealing with the agony of property disputes in the film. Despite the fact that her character is a work of fiction, her natural acting and emotions leave us powerless to hold back our tears. Her involvement in all the important decisions of the family and in property disputes makes her emerge as an important feminist actor in the movie with a powerful and reasonable voice.

7. Rabb Da Radio: Anita Devgan

Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, and Mandy Takhar were without a doubt the main characters and protagonists. We can't deny, however, that ">Anita Devgan was the link, and her character was the only one who could connect every aspect of the story. Her acting abilities were at their peak in this film, in every film she has done. Her character wasn't entirely dark, but she was certainly a strong one throughout the story. As a strict, intelligent, and reasonable mother-in-law, Anita played an important role. 


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