‘Cutputlli’ Twitter Review: Know What The Audience Has To Say About Akshay Kumar’s Latest Release

Cutputlli Twitter review
Akshay Kumar’s Cutputlli is now available to watch online. Kumar portrays a cop in his fourth movie of the year, a crime thriller about the hunt for a serial murderer. He and his team are on a quest to catch the criminal, and they use a different strategy to do it.

The film stars Akshay Kumar And Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. With the release of its trailers, the movie received many positive responses. Now that the movie has got its release, let’s have a look at the reviews done by people on the social media platform.

Cutputlli Twitter Review

Syed Raza Ali Bukhari questioned the making of the film as he wrote, “Some cult classics are not meant to be touched. Why would you remake things when the movie is available in the dubbed version on YouTube?? Even the shirt colour is the same!Akshay Kumar’s new movie #Cutputli is the Exact remake and copy of the south movie “#Ratsasan #Bollywood”

Omkar Bhosale tweeted, “Watching #Cutputli was a complete waste of time. There is ‘zero’ difference in terms of story and scenes as compred to #Ratsasan, except for the Bollywood cringe factor. Better watch a dubbed version of #Ratsasan. #AkshayKumar”

Another user who did not really like the movie’s plot wrote, “Being honest, I’d watched #Ratsasan long back, so #Cutputli gave me no surprises. Even the Ratsasan scenes were revolving in my head & I was aware of every next action. Felt no horror & suspense as I’ve already experienced great in Ratsasan. The first time viewers can go for it”

Jahangir Alam was really disappointed with the movie and wrote, “It’s not a question of boycotting #CuttputlliOnHotstar. But if I have watched #Ratsasan, then why should I watch #Cutputli”

Looking at the reviews, it is clear that the audience doesn’t have a suitable remark about the movie and is really disappointed with the film’s plot. Most of the viewers had already watched the movie Ratsasan and they could not find anything new in the remake.

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