22-Day-Old Baby And 104-Year-Old Patient Beat COVID-19 In Ghaziabad

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Newborn beats COVID-19 in Ghaziabad, 104-year-old also recovers: A 22-day-old baby, with mild COVID-19, has defeated the virus at a private hospital in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The infant’s mother was COVID-19 negative before delivery.

“After going home she has got infected. The 8-days-old baby also got the virus. Infant has now tested negative for COVID-19, we have discharged newborn after 15 days of treatment,” a doctor told ANI.

The infant was found to be COVID-19 positive at just eight days old, beat the virus in Ghaziabad 15 days later. Parents were tested positive for the virus.

The mother delivered a baby on April 5 at Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad’s Nehru Nagar, and eight days later, was brought in again by the grandmother. It was just 4 days after the birth of the child, that the parents had tested positive. The baby was sent to the hospital in order to isolate Hindustan Times reported. Eventually, the baby started showing symptoms and was not taking to feeding. The newborn had heavy breathing and fever as well, the doctor added.

The baby showed slight improvement when administered, and upon examination, the doctor found that the baby’s oxygen levels were at 91, whereas in newborns, levels below 95 are not normal. The child was found positive for the infection and an X-ray of the lungs showed that there was pneumonia in the right lung. “The baby was immediately admitted. The nurses took ample care of the child and even used to take the baby in their arms when the child cried, even though it was Covid-19 positive. Throughout the treatment, we fed the baby through mouth tubes rather than giving intravenous fluids,” said the doctor.

The baby was discharged after 15 days of treatment while the father recovered but the mother continues to remain positive.

Meanwhile, a 104-year-old pneumonic COVID-19 patient recovered at the same hospital on April 12. The patient had a high-grade fever and difficulty in breathing. A CT-Scan of his chest showed that the patient had bilateral pneumonia but he recovered in three weeks, doctors claimed.

Feature Image Credit: Celina Photography