Indian Medical Association On Omicron: Need Booster Dose For All Frontline Workers

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Booster dose Frontline Workers? In the view of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus, the IMA (Indian Medical Association) has demanded the government for a booster dose of the Covid vaccine to medical staffs and frontline workers. This will act as a precautionary measure to ensure that the medical staff and frontline workers can give their services fearlessly.

Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus has got everyone on their toes once again. The Government is taking all the precautionary measures. The wounds of the second wave are still fresh in everyone’s minds. In the wake of this variant, the IMA has asked for a booster dose for medical staff and frontline workers.

Why Is Booster Dose For Frontline Workers Necessary?

Dr JA Jayalal, the President of the Indian Medical Association, said that they are already facing a shortage of professionals. This shortage is due to the delay in the NEET-PG results. Protests are going on by resident doctors for the declaration of NEET-PG result to increase the workforce in the medical field.

Further Dr Jayalal told ANI, they need to prioritise the health of the current medical staff to have enough personnel to face any critical situations that may arise due to the Omicron variant. In her statements, as reported by Mint, she said that the PM should interfere to stop the delay in the counselling of NEET-PG.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Vaccination drive in January 2021, the Government prioritised the frontline workers. The IMA wants the same prioritisation for the Covid-19 booster. As per the latest data from The Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare, around 1,83,81,233 frontline workers and 1,03,84,617 medical staff have received the first dose of the vaccine. On the other hand, 95,48,009 medical staff and 1,65,92,175 frontline workers are fully vaccinated.

World Health Organization (WHO) declared Omicron as a “Variant of Concern” on November 26.  The first case of this variant was reported by South Africa. The first case of the variant in India was detected in Karnataka.

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