Online safety for women in India – identify the signs

CAP 2021

Internet has become an intense part of our daily lives. In fact we even wake up to the phone don’t we? So different from the messenger services of yonks ago when people used pigeons and woke up to the sun rise and not to their screens. So clearly there is no going back. The world is using the internet for information, for blood donation, for finding partners and finding solutions too many big human problems using data. The positives are established and we now need to work in parallel on making the environment safer for use. Because with data and freedom of the internet comes security and abuse.

It always good to check twice what we are uploading on social media

When it comes to women on wide social platforms we need to put safety measures in place and most of all know our safety rights. Considering their safety on different websites and applications women face online trolling, bullying, hacking and commenting and so on. As we cannot control the material which goes on the Internet it is better that we take control of securing our personal things online.

  • It always good to check twice what we are uploading on social media.
  • Even if you’re caught up in any of such hacking or any blackmail it is better to approach to the Cyber Crime departments as soon as possible as we cannot depend on the security any website or an app. Put your mental phishing filters on aside of tools that identify it.
  • Pause before responding to spam emails or those that tend to attract you with offers from illegitimate or unknown sources
  • Change your passwords every 90 to 180 days.
  • Don’t use the same password for different accounts. If someone is able to crack one password, you don’t want him or her to be able to attack all your accounts.

Online Safety India womenIt is not that new media is a bane. Instead, it’s tremendously empowering us all to have our voices out there. However given its democratic nature you would be sure there isn’t going to be that much rule making hence we must take to self regulation on quality of what we read and accept and interact with.

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