Internet Safety Is As Important As Safety In Our Daily Lives

Rhea Kochar
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Internet Safety Important

We know how the digital world is getting today, in particular for women. It showcases the real world issues in terms of the increase in the crime rates against women, especially on social media. So it is important for us to stay safe online. We have been seeing passwords getting hacked, account being stalked and private images being shared and leaked online, data being used for the wrong purpose. However, this does not mean one should be away from the digital world, but one should always be careful and aware of this digital harassment because our safety is in our own hands. Being safe on the internet cannot be ignored as it is just as important as being safe in your daily life.


Privacy settings

Correct privacy settings on your social profiles is important and it should be checked on a regular basis. Before one makes an account on any website, the policy should be read properly and one should know where the information is being shared. Sometimes it is not necessary to upload all the information that is required to make an online account. One can always skip certain points should they feel it compromises their safety. Whenever one finds an issue with their account, they should take immediate action. There should be an instant report against any suspicious activity.

Being safe on the internet cannot be ignored as it is just as important as being safe in your daily life.

Anti-virus software

It is important for us to secure our devices with reliable anti-virus software. This shields us from hacking. One should always use their common sense and not interact with the people they don’t know. One should be vigilant about their own digital steps.

Women Safety Apps


Nowadays, we can see certain applications being started for the safety of women. This is a good step, but one can’t trust all these applications as some may be from an unauthorized source. In today’s world, it is important for us to have a proper understanding about the phishing and online scams. In schools and colleges, it should be crucial for the students to have such interactive sessions.


One can never be sure of what’s going on the internet, but one can always be sure about their security. We should be familiar with our surroundings and not trust every information that is available on the internet blindly.

Rhea Kochar is a student of ARCH College of design, Jaipur and this effort is a part of Google India and SheThePeople.TV initiative Digital Trust Dialogues across colleges in India.

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