Finding my feminism: An attack by the barbarians has ruined its definition

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The word feminism has been debated, thrashed, praised and applauded. Like a journey that’s turbulent, the word is still finding its acceptance a big challenge. Some link it to the superiority of females and womanhood. However, in literal terms, and the version that works best for me, is that the meaning of Feminism equates the advocacy of women’s rights and the grounds of equality of the sexes. Feminism is the struggle for equality between the genders, not considering one gender as superior.

Struggle for Equality

Feminism, by definition, believes that all men and women should possess equal rights. However, it is often being misread as a celebration of womanhood.

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In a feminist paradise, nothing is considered either masculine or feminine. Both the genders have equal status. Feminism has been treated badly because of the gender stereotypes like men are bad which actually falls under the category of “anti-feminist”, not “feminism”.

Feminism is about heterogeneity and diversity of choices. Men can like feminine things and women can like masculine things. You don’t have to live up to the expectations of this patriarchal society. It is an individual’s own choice to choose about their likings and disliking’s.

Feminist women are often accused of being a lady that hates men.

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Treat exactly the same way men are.

The word ‘Feminism’ has a different meaning for me and apparently has a different meaning for people next door to me. But, at the end of the day, Feminism is only about one thing: wanting to have same opportunities for women as men have in all aspects of the life. Being a feminist means we want women to be free to express themselves, to make their choices freely. We want women to have equal opportunity to choose what they want to be. Even if she wants to be a housewife. It should be HER DECISION, HER CHOICE.

Feminists around the world are only fighting for every other woman to have same opportunities that the male counterparts have in their lives.

Being a Feminist, Being a Woman,

We only demand to have equal opportunity to make a choice and eat whatever we want from the buffet of the life.

We want to be treated like a human being, and nothing else.

Deepali is an intern with SheThePeople and these are her views

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