Is Gender Equality still light years away?

Gender Equality

Ipsos MORI which is one of the largest survey research organisations recently released some data samples which reflect on the state of equality between the two sexes and respect for women.  This survey covered 17,551 adults aged between 16 and 64 across 24 countries.

It clearly reflects that there is rampant sexism and many countries still believe in gender stereotypes. And the sad news for us Indians is that we rank pretty much on the top. The list is based on percentage of citizens of selected countries who think men are more capable than women.  India ranks third on the list after China and Russia, 48 per cent men in our country believe that they are more capable than the fairer sex. According to the survey Spain is the most gender neutral country where only 9 per cent men believed they are capable than women.

In another survey by the same organisation, on the state of gender equality in different countries India came in at number 10, with 19 per cent of women disagreeing that they enjoyed full equality with men. This survey listed down countries where women disagree that they “have full equality with men and freedom to reach their full dreams and aspirations”.