Did Donald Trump Ask Us To Protect Male Privilege Over Sexual Safety?

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
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If President Trump is to be believed, then men in the US are under a great threat. All the privileged men in the country are under attack from monstrous women and liberals. During a campaign rally in Mississippi, the US President mocked Christine Blasey Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also blatantly urged women to put the issue of sexual safety on the back burner, because apparently, it threatens men. “Think of your son. Think of your husband," he said, indirectly addressing the wave of sexual harassment allegations which has put entitled men like him on the back foot.


These so-called sexual assault survivors are wreaking American families, leading to the ousting of men from critical jobs and are resisting the appointment of a quintessentially honest and true blue American as a Supreme Court judge. As per him, #MeToo  is doing nothing but leading to the downfall of good American men, whose only fault was feeling entitled to predatory behaviour.

Heaven knows how many more "harmless" and "good" men will have to suffer, if women begin putting their sexual safety above male privilege!

Our sexual safety is definitely more important than your privilege, Mr President

President Trump is trying to push women into the very moral dilemma, they have overcome with great difficulty. For long women have put their sexual safety on the back seat. They have chosen silence and life-long suffering because they knew that men would only blame them for damaging the fabric of the society, instead of accepting that their conduct was at fault. If a Kavanaugh has to struggle today to get nominated as a Supreme Court judge, then it is a victorious moment for everyone. It shows that the world has finally opened up to the idea of male accountability. That it is no longer possible to get away with sexual assault. For President Trump, we are all over-reacting to this entire situation.


  • At a campaign rally in Mississippi, Donald Trump indirectly asked women to protect male privilege over their own sexual safety.
  • According to the US President #MeToo is doing nothing but leading to the downfall of good American men, whose only fault was feeling entitled to predatory behaviour.
  • He wants women to think of Kavanaugh and his family, and of their husbands and sons, but not of their own sexual safety.
  • Do predators ever consider the extent of harm they cause by sexually assaulting someone?

He wants women to think of Kavanaugh and his family, and of our husbands and sons.


We do not want future men of this planet to be ravaged by entitlement. We want them to believe in equality and respect consent. Millions of men do understand these concepts, which is why they stand by us. So this fight is also for well-behaved men, who have never abused the entitlement our patriarchy-fueled world has laid on their laps. These men chose to be nice, despite knowing how little accountability their gender has, when it comes to sexual crimes. Yet they have to bear with sexist leaders, who wipe out all their good work and defame the entire male gender with their toxic attitude.

As for those who believe that assaulting a woman shouldn’t cost a man his family or his job, when will they acknowledge what the ordeal costs the survivors?

Do predators ever consider the harm they cause by sexually assaulting someone? When will we hold predators accountable for never considering how a survivor suffers mentally, physically and emotionally from his or her ordeal? Which is why we want people to know that sooner or later accountability will come knocking on their doors.

People feel threatened today by this outcry for sexual safety, because they can no longer get away with sexual misconduct. Sexual safety is everyone's right. It is certainly more important than selective privilege whose benefits are reaped by a bunch of entitled men. Thus, instead of feeling threatened, perhaps change the way you perceive sex and consent and the way you raise your sons.

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