Power and Entitlement: Why Men in Power Feel Entitled to Abuse It?

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
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Female Writers Sexually Harassed, Dress policing girls

Emmy Award-winning writer Kater Gordon came forward with allegations of sexual harassment against Matthew Weiner, the creative mind behind the show “Mad Men”. With this, he now joins the elongating list of film stars, comedians, politicians, movie and television executives, against whom many women brought forward allegation of exploiting their position for sexual favours. They have being accused of inappropriate touching, masturbation, sexual advances and what not.


Surprisingly, many people are pretending they hadn’t seen this coming. But how could they have not?

Be it the west or the east, powerful men feel entitled to certain privileges.

They know that there are people who benefit from them and that such people would go to any lengths to make sure that their image stays squeaky clean.

They have powerful managers who go around threatening women of devastating personal and professional consequences if they open their mouths. Press is told to ignore such news. Even other artists choose to keep mum. As a result, these further fuels the inflated ego of such perverted minds.

Aren’t the people who back such men, also responsible for repeated offences committed by them?

Hollywood A-listers like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have admitted that they knew of Gwyneth Paltrow’s harrowing encounter with Harvey Weinstein, and yet he and many who could have raised concern over the said man’s behaviour chose to keep mum.


Think, how many women would have been saved from being exploited by Weinstein had one of these A-listers gathered the courage to stand up for a colleague?

People keep mum thinking issues like this are not worth risking their careers forward. But as they say, what goes around comes around.

Also, women who are seemingly “powerless” today, will find courage and stand up for their rights. Like many women found inspiration to speak out about their experience in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Sexual predators are not provoked by women or men. They are provoked by people who nurture their ego. Therefore, people who keep quiet, just to protect their own careers from faltering end up losing respect.

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