When Celebs Speak On Health Issues Like PCOD, It Helps End The Stigma

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Debutante actor Sara Ali Khan chose to speak on PCOD, openly, in a recently-aired episode of the talk show Koffee With Karan. On any other day, a star kid being handed down an opportunity to appear on the show so close to their film’s release would have earned eye rolls from us. However, social media is quite impressed with the daughter of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, as she didn’t shy away from addressing her struggle with PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disease) and weight gain. It came as a surprise in fact, that on a show synonymous with glamour, this 25-year-old was okay with discussing her struggles with a health condition many young women endure quietly.


According to an article in The Times Of India, on the show, Karan showed Sara two videos from the time she was obese. After watching them, she said, “I had PCOD. I still do. And because of that, I think I put on the amount of weight that I did.” She further added that PCOD made it harder for her to lose weight. 


  • Actor Sara Ali Khan spoke about having PCOD and weight issues in a recent episode of Koffee With Karan. 
  • This has won her a lot of praise on social media, as few in the glamour world dare to open up about their health struggles.
  • Numerous women in India suffer from PCOD, yet the stigma around it keeps them from speaking out and seeking support.

Numerous women suffer from this condition in our country, which often leads to weight gain and makes it harder to shed it off. Most youngsters lose self-confidence due to it, thinking that there is no way out. With casual fat-shaming being a big part of our culture, it is not easy for women to open up about their weight issues. But when a celebrity with more than a million followers on Instagram admits that she has PCOD, it helps break the stigma associated with it. It motivates ordinary girls to not feel bogged down by their condition. And gives them the confidence to talk about it openly and seek support.

For many people, film stars are ageless and flawless beings. Health issues and weight struggles aren’t something which they associate with their screen idols. But, even the stars are regular people, who keep their battles under wraps for the sake of vanity.

It is not as if Sara Ali Khan is the first one to be dealing with PCOD in the history of Indian film industry.  Perhaps the millennial celebs do not mind showing their battle scars. More and more celebrities are opening up about having mental health issues, weight gain troubles, etc. Their opening up generates a lot of relevant conversation on health, as has happened in Sara’s case. Her story resonates with that of so many women across age groups. It is heartening to see women nod in agreement and say they hear her. We can only hope that celebrities continue opening up about the human side to us, and help shed the larger than life image.


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