Taimur-Inspired Doll! He Is A Child, Not A Commodity!

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
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Taimur-inspired Doll

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s son is no stranger to paparazzi. He is one of the most photographed celebrity children in our country. Every little detail of his latest developments duly finds its way to social media. However, ever since photographs of Taimur-inspired doll have popped up on the social media, one cannot help but feel concerned about the little Pataudi kid.

It is not a surprise that someone decided to cash on his popularity and created a Taimur-inspired doll. While some people think this a cute gesture, which speaks about how popular the little kid is, it raises alarm bells for his well-being. As a parent myself, I cannot even imagine how Khan and Kapoor are processing this doll’s existence. It is a struggle for them to protect their child from public glare. The doll indicates, how little control they have on how the imagery of their son gets used.

He is a child, not a commodity

Speaking to Mumbai Mirror Kapoor recently said that neither their son, nor could they run away from his popularity. She further added, “There is so much of genuine warmth for our son that it’s bad to stop people from clicking his pictures or making his dolls. But they should understand that he’s just a two-year-old child and needs a normal life. Both Saif and I are struggling to give him that and will continue to do so without telling the paparazzi to back off, no matter how annoying it gets after a point. It’s as tough on him as it is on Saif and me.”


  • Toy makers from Kerala have launched a doll which resembles celebrity kid Taimur Ali Khan.
  • While some people think this a cute gesture, one cannot help but feel alarmed for his well-being.
  • How long before the kid begins to resent the attention showered on him?
  • Constant hounding by paparazzi is taking away his right to a carefree childhood.

The sense of helplessness she feels as a mother is palpable in this statement. As a parent we all want our children to have a happy, healthy and carefree childhood. But for children with celebrity parents, it is a struggle of a different kind. Even the little boy’s clothes and toys are a subject of scrutiny on social media. Paparazzi constantly photographs him, because commoners cannot have enough of this blue-eyed two-year-old. But when this kid grows up and begins understanding that each and every move of his being recorded and shared massively, how do we expect him to have a normal childhood? How can we expect him to not feel self-conscious when he realises that dolls are modelled after him?

For the sake of this kid's wellbeing, we need to draw a line. Whoever came up with Taimur dolls needs to retract the product from the market. Similarly, paparazzi needs to give him a breather. The child doesn’t understand now, hence he smiles whenever the photographers call his name. But it won’t be long before he begins resenting this attention.

Taimur fans also need to acknowledge their accountability in this matter. We cannot treat him like a commodity which can be capitalised to incur profits. It is indeed in our capacity to draw a line here, to ensure he can enjoy a carefree childhood, like every two years old in this world.

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