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Maharani Vs Thalaivi, Comparing Transformation Of Actors Into Political Leaders

Actors Playing Politicians, Maharani series ,Maharani Vs Thalaivi
Maharani series: To portray real-life characters authentically and accurately on the screen, many female actors have undergone transformations and some of have them have extremely transformed themselves.

Actors are also not shying away from gaining and/or losing weight if it makes them play the character better. For their upcoming films Thalaivi and Maharani, Kangana Ranaut and Huma Qureshi have also undergone some transformation to look exactly like the real-life characters that they are playing.

Here’s a look at how these actors have transformed themselves and how similar they look to the real-life people that they are playing.

Kangana Ranaut as J. Jayalalithaa

In the trailer for the film that released on 23 April, Ranaut was seen in the role of the actor-turned-politician J Jayalalithaa. Previous to the release of the trailer, the actor shared some of the stills from the film.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi

Kangana Ranaut in Thalaivi

She had to put on a significant amount of weight to essay Jayalalithaa and it can be seen in both the stills and the trailer.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi

Kangana Ranaut in Thalaivi

The fans have been amazed by how similar the actor looks to the late politician saying that she is a spitting image of Jayalalithaa.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi

Kangana Ranaut and J. Jayalalithaa

A picture of Ranaut wearing a white saree with a blue and red border went viral when a similar picture of Jayalalitha was shared side by side. The similarity between the two is uncanny.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Kangana Ranaut in a similar saree as Jayalalithaa

In another side by side picture of Ranaut and Jayalalitha in black and white Ranaut can be seen dressing in a saree similar to the late politician.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Jayalalithaa and Ranaut

To play Jayalalithaa, Ranaut had to gain 20 kgs and said on the trailer launch that gaining the weight and losing all of it was a challenge.

Huma Qureshi as Rabri Devi

In the show based on the life of the previous Chief Minister of Bihar Rabri Devi, the actor is playing the role of Devi. Both in the stills of the film and the teaser of Maharani that was released earlier this month, Qureshi was seen wearing a saree similar to Devi and she portrayed her on the screen.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Rabri Devi in a saree

Rabri Devi is often seen in a cotton saree, and Huma was seen in it in most of the teaser.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Huma Qureshi in a saree

To play the politician, Qureshi wore next to no makeup in the teaser to make the character look more authentic and natural.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Huma Qureshi in a no-makeup look

Qureshi is playing the role of an Illiterate housewife from Bihar who becomes the Chief Minister and the actor had an accurate Bihar accent similar to that of Devi.

Maharani Vs Thalaivi,

Huma Qureshi in Maharani series

More than a physical transformation, Qureshi seems to have transformed her body language, speech and attitude to play the politician. In an interview, the actor said that the character had many layers to explore and one does not get to play such a character as a performer.

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