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Here’s How Desis Reacted To TV Drama Couple “Kissing” By Drinking From Same Cup

Laapata drama
South Asian television dramas seldom show couples being intimate. Some peculiar ways of showing the romance has been couples dancing around a tree trunk, hiding behind the bushes, applying sindoor with blood, two flowers brushing against each other to let the audience that the couple is actually kissing.

Such trends have not died down even in 2021 and that is what surprises the evolved South Asian audience. Recently a television drama titled Laapata showed a couple implying the kissing act why drinking from the same cup. The female character drinks from a cup while maintaining eye contact with her love interest and then passes on the cup to him making him notice the lipstick mark on the cup.

Turns out the careful implication of romance did not sit well with the netizens as they flooded the social media timelines with their posts dissing the scene. While many fans expressed concerns over how the actor Sarah Khan’s real life partner Falak Shabir must be devastated over the scene, others just called out the absurdity.

The drama has Sarah Khan and Ali Rehman in the scene. Other cast members of the show are Ayeza Khan and Gohar Rasheed.

One user joked, ” What if she gets pregnant the next day???” while another wrote, “Kissing without touching. Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Some also shared their expert opinion on the kiss. “No, that’s half a kiss. Only the guy kissed the girl.”

Here are some other reactions to the Laapata drama scene:

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