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Digital Woman Awards 2022: How Women Entrepreneurship Can Close The Gender Gap

Women Entrepreneurship Close Gender Gap
Shethepeople’s Digital Women Awards 2022 has “Storm The Norm” as the theme for the DWA this year. The 2022 Digital Women Awards are dedicated to recognising women who use technology to achieve success in business, innovation, and invention.

Tuesday, November 15, marked the start of Day 4 of the Digital Women Awards 2022. Together with Anahita Thukral from Hear Her Stories moderating the panel with Shreya Patel from Window Dreams Production Inc. and Prieeyya Kaur Kesh From Our Wave Hub. The panel discussed how female entrepreneurship might help bridge the gender gap online.

Women Entrepreneurship Close Gender Gap

Patel sharing her experience said that, Prior to becoming self-employed, she wanted to work in the fashion sector, therefore she was doing the same in humanitarian. She made the decision to pursue storytelling at the moment, and I made the decision to pursue documentaries and other endeavours only after that.

In addition Kesh, to discussing her entrepreneurial path said, “Our Wave Hub is a Canadian ed-tech firm and strategic advising practice. We design learning modules that are tailored to help people and companies navigate a workforce that is changing quickly. This brand is mainly open for adults for digital marketing, designing etc.”

How Gender Gap In Entrepreneurship differ in India and Canada?

“From my perspective, Canada has supported me more than India has. The patriarchal mentality is the only explanation. I see that both men and women in India have a wide range of talent. however, some women were deterred by certain mindsets. Also, women don’t support each other, and we need to change that as we want equal opportunity. However, the fact that the women are choosing to work rather than sit around and have children is quite encouraging,” Patel shared her opinion.

Kesh while sharing her opinion on this, “Having a Punjabi family and having grown up in Malaysia. Even at home, where my mother prefers to stay at home alone and my father works, I have experienced a lot. the generational divide. And the following generation did the same, observing and adhering to the same. It is normal if you live in a society where this is accepted as normal. But a working woman can do both things, as my parents encouraged me always for doing work. So the change is here.”

Why do women seek less entrepreneurship and earn less than men?

Patel shares, “Man has always been a labourer who later turns to entrepreneurship. I grew up seeing my parents work the same 9 to 5 job for other people. This needs to change immediately. I believe that everyone needs to understand their own value. In addition, there are much fewer women working in this field. Even fewer women are coming to work. So you get scared when you hear that. So I may say I’m from 1% or 2%. especially when there is no familial support, making it harder to do.”

Furthermore adding on this, Kesh added ” Going back to my original remark, I believe there are many factors. Young ladies are adjusting to it since it is society. When a woman is 100% qualified for a job, she is more likely to apply than a man who is on the same page but only 60% qualified. the same way you raise your daughters, then. When women arrive for work, they appear selfish. But since it is their right, they are not. If you want to show women that this is also a possibility to rise, but they fail to do so due to the mindset I mentioned earlier, the media also plays a significant role in that. ”

Experience and journey as an Entrepreneur in Canada/India

Patel said, “It’s a very challenging road, when I initially saw my first documentary, where I took every shot, I had no idea how I would move on with my work. Everyone questioned my knowledge of film and said, “Are you from the fashion industry? Go back to fashion since it’s a new world for me with my 9–5 work.” My employer was misogynistic, so the work was challenging.”

She added, “I resigned from my job there and haven’t looked back. it took me 4 years to complete because with 4 years of diligent labour, I increased my network. Particularly, my company is prospering and receiving funding. like people would have criticised me for that if my documentary had failed.”

She said, “There are many opportunities for female entrepreneurs in the media industry, even in Canada, where there are many Canadian films. We are working to close the gender gap, and while it is not getting any harder, it is working well in Canada but not in India.”

Adding more Kesh added her experience, “I stand up and say hello in the office. I put a lot of honesty into my work. I have to go through a lot to succeed. There have been a lot of skilled, motivated individuals. People in Canada work hard because they don’t have the same mentality as those in India. They are receiving chances and choices. despite the fact that the country is recruiting them, which is a good aspect of it.”

How Can Government Support Women’s Entrepreneurship?

Patel added her opinion, “I can see that they have started to do it. They continue to support the ecosystem for women, but more could be done if other businesses started doing the same for men in addition to women. People are awaiting their chance. Therefore, it is everyone’s obligation and not the government’s. You are raising someone if you provide funding or assistance.”

Furthermore, Kesh said,” From a policy perspective, everyone is accountable. It ought to be like assigning labels to various social groups. When there is a majority, start by comprehending their needs and the gaps. If achieving equality involves working for everyone, how is working for a minority group feasible? We accept that we have a monthly cycle and continue to work. Take a chance, work hard, and give people a chance.”

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