Digital Women Awards 2022: How Woman Re-starting With Entrepreneurship

Day 3 of the Digital Women Awards 2022 began on Monday, November 14. The panel examined how women-led small companies were made possible by the internet in collaboration with Her Second Innings.

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Women Re-starting Entrepreneurship
In its eighth year, the Digital Women Awards, India's largest programme for female entrepreneurs, is back to honour women's achievements. Storm The Norm, the awards' subject for this year, highlights the creativity, talent, and invention of women who are using the internet to launch their own enterprises.

Day 3 of the Digital Women Awards 2022 began on Monday, November 14. The panel examined how women Re-starting With Entrepreneurship is possible through the internet in collaboration with Her Second Innings.

Manjula Dharmalingam, the creator of Her second Inning, moderated the panel. Speaking on the ">panel were Rashmi Kulkarni from Tarang Studio and Nida Sahar from Nife Labs, who shared their perspectives on how women re-starting entrepreneurship; small businesses run by women have benefited from the development of the internet. It's not simple to work for decades in a corporation before switching to entrepreneurship. Here is our panel speaker's path.

Women Re-starting With Entrepreneurship

Kulkarni was born in Bangalore and raised there. And corporate business also moves to Bangalore, with a background in HR of 17–18 years. She moved from Silicon Valley, where seeking for a job was challenging, to Belagavi after her marriage. She then founded Tarang Hobby Studio after being demoralised by the scant art instruction that city children were receiving in school.

Sahar, who resembles Kulkarni, was born and raised in Bangalore. After around 10 years of experience working as a software engineer in the corporate world, she was dissatisfied with her work. She simply wasn't satisfied with her ownership, so she quit in 2017. She has been an entrepreneur for the last 5 years.

Perks And Drawbacks Of A Startup Career


It has benefits and drawbacks of self-restarting which is a difficult task in itself. Everyone, especially those who have dedicated their time to a corporation for more than a decade, might experience the absence of not working. And abruptly putting an end to all of the things for a protracted period of time is something that greatly haunting.

Kulkarni describes a long gap during which she devised and gave birth to a child, "But the emptiness of not working follows her around. I stated that she wanted a child but didn't want to work afterward. I founded a studio called Tarang after being inspired by her baby Tarang, and she began her entrepreneurial path. In this field, I claimed, starting a business without a mentor is exceedingly challenging. There were no work-from-home options, so I had no idea what I was doing. Although I received encouragement, there were no female entrepreneurs in 2012 and I had many ups and downs."

Shahar shares her pros and cons, "The ownership of things was one of the benefits for me. because I was limited to one aspect of job while I worked for a corporation. I have to work for everything, from reaching to designing, while running my own business. and drawbacks of anything. It indicates a change in your thinking. and the largest issue is a lack of funding. You receive a wage at a company. However, the pay here truly reflects your labour. Taking vacations is difficult here as well. Working without a break is challenging. And the beauty of startup is crating something new by yourself."

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What Is The Preparatory Step For The Entrepreneurial Journey?

When asked what could be the first thing to remember if someone wishes to establish an entrepreneurial journey. In sharing the preparatory steps Kulkarni shares, "Preparing your mind from within to be an entrepreneur. Secondly, Know what you're going to do, regardless of how ignorant you are, and be ready. However, establish a plan whether it is accurate or not. You are the only person who will have to put up with this, so be ready to redo it as often as you like."

Furthermore, Sahar added her tips," Be around those that support your decision. become a leader. Own a founder eco-system and mentality that are aware of this. Having a setting that is entrepreneurial. It is crucial to have a plan. As you will encounter this, consider the risk factor. Should already have financiers, not only for financial works but for growth also." Sahar also shared her own entrepreneurial journey of belonging to an orthodox family, she had to convince them for letting her work in the first place and then eventually start something of her own was a big challenge.

An Inspiring message to Sisterhood

"Even when I look in the mirror and see myself, my path inspires me to watch other women work. My kids inspire me every time I see them. Speaking with you today was an encouragement for me. Please take notes, and make friends. Have faith in me." Kulkarni shared her inspiring note. Adding more, Sahar added her inspirational note, "The effect that I've had. I constantly encourage my women colleague. It's all about dismantling obstacles. Pay attention to it and construct those bridges toward your objectives."



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