DWA 2023: Tech Pioneers Discuss AI Potential For Women Entrepreneurs

At the Digital Women Awards 2023, stakeholders from the tech industry came together and discussed the potential of women who are driving impact with AI, with innovation at the helm, and are helping shape the technological landscape not just in India but also globally.

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DWA 23

Women are using technology to impact change in various ways. One way is through the creation of innovative tech solutions that address specific challenges faced by women. For example, there are now apps and platforms that provide resources and support for women in male-dominated industries, helping them navigate and succeed in those spaces. These tech solutions are empowering women by giving them access to information, networks, and opportunities that were previously limited or inaccessible to them. With its initiative to further the growth of women entrepreneurs on digital, SheThePeople held its ninth edition of Digital Women Awards on November 18 with a focus on 'Access To Success'. 

The 2023 Digital Women Awards theme, 'Access to Success,' was a celebration of women entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of technology and AI to make significant shifts in the digital domain. One of the integral panels at the event was 'Women Driving Impact With AI' where stakeholders from the industry came together for groundbreaking synergy and discussed the potential of of women who are driving impact with AI with innovation at the helm, helping shape the technological landscape not just in India but also globally.

The Panel On AI


In the heart of technological innovation at T-Hub, Hyderabad, the Digital Women Awards became a nexus for thought leaders and trailblazers in the field of artificial intelligence. At the core of this year's event was a riveting panel discussion that unravelled the transformative impact women are spearheading within the realm of AI. From groundbreaking initiatives in neurodiversity to the dynamic landscape of women-led startups, the conversation illuminated the multifaceted contributions that women are making to shape the future of artificial intelligence.

The panel speakers included Nidhi (founder of NEMA-AI), Rama Devi Lanka (Director of Emerging Technologies, Telangana) and Srinivas Rao Mahankali, the CEO of T-Hub.

NEMA-AI: Pioneering Neurodiversity through AI

The discussion delved into the transformative role women are playing in the AI landscape. Nidhi, the founder of NEMA-AI, took centre stage as she illuminated the groundbreaking work her platform is doing at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. NEMA AI not only provides valuable consumer insights but also prioritizes mental health, particularly focusing on students with Neurodiverse conditions like Autism, ADHD, and Down syndrome.

Nidhi explained, "We're working on understanding the brain patterns of students and then providing them with efficient ways of learning."

By harnessing EEG-based technology, NEMA AI pioneers a patent-pending approach to understanding and studying patterns. The platform's success in equipping neurodivergent students with essential skills, making them more job-ready, stands as a testament to the power of AI in addressing diverse educational needs.


WE-Hub's Vision: Diverse Women Leading AI Startups

The CEO of T-Hub, Srinivas Rao Mahankali, highlighted the dynamic role women play in AI startups, emphasizing the expansive opportunities within the field. Discussing recent changes at OpenAI, he emphasized the increasing prominence of women leaders, citing Mira Murati stepping in as interim CEO.

He stated, "Within our community of the entrepreneurs we work with there exists lots of diversity in the businesses they are engaged in."

Mahankali underscored the diversity of women-led startups, from "Smart Pharma" by Saketha Pingali to "Architude" by Vijayaduraga Kopisetti, showcasing the breadth of fields where women entrepreneurs are making an impact – from medicine and EV to sustainable building technology.

Mahankali also shared plans for launching an AIML Center of Excellence, illustrating T-Hub's commitment to fostering innovation and diversity within the AI landscape.

Fostering Collaboration: Rama Devi Lanka's Advocacy


Rama Devi Lanka, Director of Emerging Technologies, Telangana, highlighted the importance of community support, collaboration, and networking among women in the tech industry. She acknowledged the historical lack of representation in STEM and emphasized the need for women to create their own communities within the field. Ms Lanka commended platforms like SheThePeople TV and social media groups for providing spaces where women can connect, communicate, and collaborate, fostering a supportive ecosystem.

"Platforms like SheThePeople TV, or various communities and groups consisting of similar women who are looking to collaborate and network would benefit the community altogether," she expressed.

The 9th Digital Women Awards panel discussion offered a multifaceted view of women's contributions to AI. From NEMA-AI's innovative approach to addressing neurodiversity to WE-Hub's spotlight on diverse startups, and Rama Devi Lanka's call for community building, the discourse illuminated the vast potential within the tech industry.

As the discussion concluded, Nidhi's words resonated – a call to ask questions, leverage resources, collaborate, network, and overcome challenges collectively. The event served as a testament to the strides women are making in the AI domain and the collaborative spirit propelling the industry forward.

While women entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of technological advancements, their achievements have often gone unrecognised. For the past nine years, SheThePeople has been working to bridge this gap and bring to the forefront women who have made significant shifts in the technological landscape with entrepreneurship

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