How Shilpi Singh Ensures People Access Quality & Affordable Millet

In an interview with SheThePeople, Shilpi Singh shares the purpose behind her venture, emphasising why people must understand India's agricultural richness, and how she is on a mission to make millet benefits accessible to everyone.  

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Shilpi Singh's entrepreneurial journey stemmed from the idea of making millets accessible to those with limited cooking knowledge and time. After rigorous market research, product trials and necessary checks, she started FittR Bites. The brand which focused on millet products initially, is now expanding its reach to other health food categories replacing processed flours like maida.


At a time when people worldwide are getting on the bandwagon for a better, healthier lifestyle, Singh is leveraging the use of India's rich agricultural offerings and creating health-conscious packaged foods. In an interview with SheThePeople, Shilpi Singh shares the purpose behind her venture, emphasising why people must understand India's agricultural richness, and how she is on a mission to make millet benefits accessible to everyone.  

From Wonder Grains To Wholesome Delights

Singh's journey with FittR Bites began when she stumbled upon the nutritional wonders of millets. Motivated by her family members' struggles with diabetes, Shilpi recognized the potential of millet as low GI, diabetic-friendly food. However, the challenge lay in making these grains easily consumable. Inspired by her kitchen experiments, Shilpi set out to create convenient, tasty, and nutrient-enriched packaged foods.

The products cater to the time-pressed health-conscious consumer seeking delectable yet healthy options. Singh elaborates on the diverse array of offerings:

We provide packaged foods in various categories. The goal is clear: facilitating health and fitness goals while reducing time spent in the kitchen.

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Guidance And Milestones

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Singh sought advice from fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts, focusing on product development, branding, and market entry. Reflecting on pivotal milestones, she emphasizes the satisfaction derived from bringing an idea to reality. "From product development to online and offline market placement, every step was crucial," she says.

Singh explains, "Most of our products are developed in my kitchen, ensuring a homely touch." The brand advocates for a 'better for you' lifestyle, excluding preservatives, artificial colours, and flavours from its offerings. Additionally, by incorporating climate-smart crops like millets, we contribute to the broader conversation about sustainable, locally sourced food items.

Team Synergy And Entrepreneurial Resilience

FittR Bites stands as a bootstrapped venture, initially fueled by support from family and friends. Singh's approach emphasizes self-sustainability, controlling costs, and deploying generated funds back into the business for growth. The brand has witnessed incredible growth year after year, evidenced by expanding customer bases, increasing revenues, and a growing product portfolio. Singh proudly shares, "In FY23-24, the business experienced a 50% growth in revenue compared to the previous year."

Singh underscores the importance of adaptability in the ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape. She emphasizes the role of digital mediums in connecting with consumers and advocates for understanding and utilizing data analytics to glean consumer insights.

Vision For Millets Distribution In India

Looking ahead, Singh envisions launching new product categories and expanding into new geographies and sales channels. "We aspire to be the go-to brand for healthy packaged foods, challenging the prevalence of processed and unhealthy options in the industry. It's about fostering a healthier, more sustainable approach to packaged foods. As the brand evolves, we aim to leave a mark on the industry, championing the cause of better choices and a 'better for you' lifestyle."

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