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Here’s How Shilpa Became a Successful Homepreneur By Embracing Digital

Shilpa Krishnegowda K
Shilpa Krishnegowda K’s story of becoming a homepreneur post-marriage while fulfilling her duties as a mother is a shining example of how digital is an enabler for women. Connecting to the world from the comfort of her home helped her gain confidence and made her financially independent in her second innings.

Mysore-based Shilpa didn’t think twice before quitting her job at the time she was all set to embrace motherhood. She was looking forward to this new chapter of life and was excited to raise her kid. The next few years of Shilpa’s life were dedicated to her kids’ caregiving duties, home management, etc. Even though she was happy as a mother, something was nagging her. She wondered how to become financially independent again and build an identity.

After a lot of research, she decided to turn around her situation. She became a homepreneur and started reselling several items like apparel, kitchenware, and cosmetics. 

However, she soon encountered the challenge of making her business sustainable. She lacked the technical knowledge to run a business smoothly on a day-to-day basis. As she was determined to make it work, she joined the free WomenWill Business Training Course by Google. The course transformed how she looked at her business, and the flexibility to complete the course at her own pace was a bonus for the stay-at-home mom. From the entrepreneurship training that the course provided through short, simple, vernacular videos, she learnt how to promote her products better online, reach out to new customers, get more sales and leverage social media for business promotion. 

After applying this newly gained knowledge to her business, the mother-turned-entrepreneur’s profits increased by four times. 

Shilpa believes that her achievements are just the tip of the iceberg. There is a long road ahead for her, but the recent boost in her business has filled her with confidence. The best part about her entrepreneurial journey is the opportunity that she gets to earn without sacrificing her responsibilities as a mother.

With thanks to Google for permission to publish this series of stories about women entrepreneurs who have benefited from the WomenWill platform