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Viral Video: Wheels Stuck In Mud? Women’s Lacrosse Team Has Got Your Back!

women's lacrosse team pushes bus
In a video going viral on the internet, the women’s lacrosse team can be seen rescuing a bus stuck in the mud and pushing it free. It is empowering to see women coming forward to do tasks that are not expected of them just because they require strength.

The world has always loved portraying women as damsels in distress. They are considered weak and incapable of managing heavy tasks and duties. Even the terms such as princess treatment are often used to mock the privileges that women get as they don’t do rough tasks that involve getting dirty.

However, the notion is nothing but a made-up concept, it’s not that women are incapable of doing a rough task, they are just expected not to do so. A clear example is a viral video of a university women’s lacrosse team who pushed a bus stuck in the mud.

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Women’s Lacrosse Team Pushes Bus

The women’s lacrosse team of Elon University, North Carolina was in Virginia for a match when their bus got stuck in the mud. Instead of waiting around for help, the girls took matters into their own hands and pushed the bus from the back out of the mud. The other girls can be seen cheering them and jumping in joy as the bus is freed. This demonstration of teamwork and strength was loved by netizens and everybody wished they could ‘do it like a girl’.

Pushing the vehicle out of the mud requires a lot of strength and teamwork and though it is the most common solution when your vehicle gets stuck, the task is always expected to be done by men. If there are men and women travelling together, it is usually men who take up task such as fixing a problem in car’s engine or pushing it when it is stuck or stops. Society thinks that women don’t have the strength to do such heavy tasks or they are not accustomed to do it. But independent women know how to fix their problems and it’s not always a man’s job to take up heavy work.

There are many such tasks and jobs entitled to men like building, construction, loading-unloading goods etc. as they are considered fit enough for it. Though it is true that men and women have different anatomies and strength levels, there are women who can do heavy tasks, especially independent women who tend to do everything on their own instead of waiting around for a man to help them out. This video is a great example of that.