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Woman Distributes Cotton Towels To Rickshaw-Pullers To Beat Heatwave

Woman Distributes Cotton Towels
The people living in the north and centre of the country are in desperate need of some relief due to the excessive heat. While some areas were lucky enough to get the occasional shower, others are still suffering from the extreme heat wave.

There are always some goodhearted people who lend a helping hand to those in need during such difficult times. A social worker made a kind gesture to rickshaw drivers and street sellers. Additionally, it has generated attention on the internet.

Woman Distributes Cotton Towels To Rickshaw-Pullers

In a video posted on Twitter by social worker Khushi Pandey, she can be seen giving out gamchas (cotton towels) to street sellers and rickshaw drivers to help them escape the oppressive heat.

The caption of the video reads, “As the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issues a heatwave warning, we have distributed ‘Gamcha’ to rickshaw pullers, Street Vendors who are working hard throughout the day. Our only endeavour is to make things a tad bit comfortable for them”

Watch the video here.

More than 412k people have watched the video and left several comments. Pandey received praise for her thoughtful act. Moreover, many others suggested that similar actions should be taken by others for those who must work outside to survive.

One user said that the woman is doing a good job for the sake of the needy. A circular hat or cap and ‘gamcha‘ were also recommended by the user as additional heat protection measures. Another user described how he personally purchases soft drinks or ORS tetra packs, stores them in the refrigerator, and distributes them to the staff and drivers who work in his building.

The third user wrote how small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of those who struggle mightily to make a living, and it is great of Panday to make an effort to lessen their burden and to make sure that they’re well. The user wrote that the social worker is truly an inspiration to many.

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Feature Image Credit: @KhushiPand46589