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Viral Video: Indore Woman Dances On Zebra Crossing, Warned For Traffic Violation

Indore Zebra crossing dance Indore Woman Dances. who Is Shreya kalra
Indore Woman Dances on Zebra crossing, video goes viral. A woman, identified as Shreya Kalra, was filmed dancing at a busy road intersection in Indore, Madhya Pradesh after the signal turned red. The video, filmed for and posted on her Instagram account, has led to a warning from the traffic office for violating traffic rules.

The video shows Kalra, in black, running towards the zebra crossing as the signal turns red and breaking in a routine when the vehicles halt. She danced to Woman by Doja Cat while onlookers looked puzzled.

The same video was shared on Twitter  by a user. You can watch it here:

The beginning of the video also shows Kalra, out in public without a mask, a move many users have criticised, compelling Kalra to change the caption on Instagram, to “Please do not break the rules – red sign means you have to stop at the signal not because I’m dancing [sic], and urging her followers to wear a mask in public.”

Madhya Pradesh home minister, Narottam Mishra, responded to the viral video and said that officials have been instructed. Proceedings against the woman will be initiated soon.

Social media stunts are not a new thing in this country. In May this year, Delhi-based YouTuber Gaurav Sharma was booked for animal cruelty. The YouTuber was arrested. He had shared a video where he and his mother made their pet dog fly using balloons. In the video, the dog could be seen left suspended in the air for a few moments as the YouTuber and his mother cheered on.

In August, a video of a girl assaulting a cab driver in Lucknow for allegedly speeding at her at signal went viral. The girl was later identified as Priyadarshini Narayan Yadav. In a statement, the 27-year-old woman said that she has also worked as a lecturer at the University of Lucknow.

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