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Viral Video: Grandmother Does Deadlifts To Compete In Grandson’s Fitness Challenge

Grandmother Does Deadlifts

A video shared by Punjabi Industry on Instagram featuring an old woman doing deadlifts is going viral on social media. A boy can be seen making a video of his grandmother who is lifting a barbell on the terrace. He seems to be taken aback by his grandmother’s strength and the zeal to complete the fitness challenge he had given her casually.

The video has already received over 4,000 views on Instagram and people have left loads of comments on the post.

Here’s the Instagram video showing how a grandmother does deadlifts to compete in Grandson’s fitness challenge.

Similar videos that went viral

This is not the first time when the video of an old woman has got viral on social media. Some time ago, a video of a 72-year-old woman ziplining at a park in Palakkad, Kerala went viral. The video was reportedly first shared by an Instagram handle named Yathrikan_200. The woman in the video is seen wearing a white Kasavu saree with safety gear strapped on her body including a helmet. Elated by the experience on reaching the endpoint, she is seen giving a fist bump to the person recording the video.

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An 83-year-old woman named Kiran Bai shocked everyone in 2021 when she was seen doing a deadlift while wearing a saree. She had been a fitness enthusiast all along but due to an injury in her feet, she had not been able to enjoy it for a year. Her gym trainer grandson made it happen for her again by installing some equipment at home. In the video that went viral, Kiran Bai was seen lifting 25 kgs barefoot.

Another such woman is Bowler Dadi who won many hearts when she bowled a clean strike. She did that while wearing a saree and face mask. The video of her was shared by her grandson. She was seen in another video after the first one went viral and her grandson wrote in the caption, “My grandma really appreciates all the love she’s received and is so glad that she was able to make people’s day.”