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Viral: Groom Using Computer On Wedding Night Is Desi Twitter’s Latest Meme

Groom Using Computer On Wedding Night

This generation talks in memes, and desi Twitter has found another photo that is going viral and breaking out people in laughter. In the unnamed photo that went viral, a newly-wed groom is seen sitting at his computer, in his finery wedding suit, while his newly-wed bride is seen sitting on the decorated bed. As it seems obvious, the couple is spending their first night together, but the bride is a little pissed off as the groom seems to ignore her. 

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The photo was first posted on 9th February on Twitter. The time and origin of the original photo remain undetermined.

In another video that went viral on social media, a groom smacked his wedding photographer during the couple’s wedding photoshoot on the stage- sending the bride into fits of hysterical laughter. The 45 seconds viral video, being called the ‘bride’s laughter video’ was first shared on Twitter and was viewed almost a million times and left people in splits.

Viral: Groom Using Computer On Wedding Night Is Desi Twitter’s Latest Meme

The video began innocently when the bride and the groom posed together for their photoshoot, but the trouble began when the photographer focused on the bride’s single pictures and touched her face in order to adjust the angle. This triggered the groom who in turn smacked the photographer and asked him to leave the stage. Read about it more here. 

Image Credits: Twitter