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A Cute Response, When A Woman Tell Her Nieces That She Is Transgender

Transgender Woman Opens Up To Her Nieces
An encouraging video of a woman opening up to her nieces about her identity as a transgender was received well on social media. The video also captured the responses of little girls, which was indeed cute.

Often, people find it difficult to discuss their sexuality openly with others, let alone with their families. However, individuals that speak up and discuss it frequently can relate their own stories to this heart-warming video. A woman is seen telling her nieces that she is transsexual in a touching video. She captures the footage and displays the audience the emotions of her nieces.

Transgender Woman Opens Up To Her Nieces

She is seen in the little video sitting with her nieces and introducing herself to them. She stated that her nieces mean the world to her in the caption of the video. She treated them as her own children and carried them around. The transgender person wanted to come out to her nieces because she will be soon migrating to foreign nation.

She continued, “my niece replied- “I feel horrible for you.” I told her don’t feel bad for Aunty, and that brought tears to my eyes. Being their aunt makes me very happy. Despite being transgender, I will always be their aunt and will adore them dearly. Until this day they always call me on FaceTime and tell me about school and etc.”

Since it was shared, the video has received 22,000 likes and several comments.

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Netizens reactions

“You can see how important you are to them. they love you,” one person wrote in the Instagram comments.

Second person wrote, “Kids just get it! Curiosity and wonder, but never judgement. So many adults could learn a thing or two from kids. ”

“I am crying happy tears for you. You can see in their face and eyes how much they love you! Love knows no bounds. Hope you have an everlasting beautiful life. Sincerely, a stranger.” Third one wrote.


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