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Viral Video: Afghan Filmmaker Sahraa Karimi Urges People Of The World To Not Remain Silent

Sahraa Karimi, Who is Sahraa Karimi, Afghan filmmaker
Afghan filmmaker Sahraa Karimi took Instagram to share a video of the current distressed situation in Afghanistan. The video showed Karimi running away. After the video gained a massive response, Karimi followed it with another video of herself, explaining the situation. The Taliban have taken over the capital Kabul, after 20 years of being overthrown by the US forces.

Soon after the news of Taliban forces taking over the Afghanistan Government led by Ashraf Ghani broke over the world, concerns regarding women and children arose all around. Multiple videos of women urging for help have been doing rounds on the internet since then.

Karimi’s video revealed the current tension in the country. It shows her arguing with some people on the streets of Kabul and panicking. Later, she clarified, on Twitter, that she went to get money from the bank and when she reached the bank, she saw that people were being evacuated and the banks were being closed. Karimi is an independent film director and a well-known scriptwriter.

“I still cannot believe this happened, who did happen. Please pray for us, I am calling again,” Krimi wrote on Twitter, “Hey ppl (people) of this big world, please do not be silent, they are coming to kill us.”

The initial video was reshared by Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad on Twitter captioned as, “This is not a clip from a scary movie, This is the reality in Kabul.”

She added, “Last week the city hosted a film festival & now they running away for their lives. Heartbreaking to watch but the world is doing nothing.”

Karimi is the first woman to be appointed as the director-general of state-run Afghan Film. She garnered global attention after she posted a video of what happened in the city on August 15 as the Taliban entered the capital.