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Viral Video: Women Hockey Players Groove To Indian Folk Song With American Peers

Hockey Players Groove To Indian Folk Song
Remember how the internet went gaga over the Norwegian dance group The Quick Style who uploaded videos of them grooving to Bollywood songs at a wedding? Undoubtedly, it made us Indians feel super proud and happy. There have been several times when Indians have showcased our rich culture on global platforms.

Another video is now going viral on the internet which is invoking the same feeling as Chak De! India did. The video features Indian hockey players and their American counterpart dancing together to folk tunes.

Hockey Players Groove To Indian Folk Song

Shared by a user named Sunny Sharad, the video shows five hockey players, who are probably adolescents, having fun with their peer in America. The minute-long video first shows two women dancing together to a Nagpuri folk song in their locker room. Later, all the women who’d been gearing up join the two in their dance. One of them is later seen teaching their peer the footwork of the dance steps.

Sharad, sharing the video, had written, “These girls of Simdega, Khunti and Gumla went to America to play hockey and danced themselves on Nagpuri song and also made American dance.”

Reportedly, the Indian hockey players featured in the video are Pundi Saru, Juhi Kumari, Priyanka Kumari, Henrita Toppo, and Purnima Neti, who are participants of a three-week sports and cultural exchange programme in America. The programme will conclude on July 13 this year.

The video which was uploaded a couple of days ago since then has gained a lot of traction with many people expressing joy over how well the players were bonding. Many social media users left one-word messages calling the video “cute”, “sweet” and that they are proud of the athletes.

A Twitter user resharing the video wrote, “What politics, economy & diplomacy fail to achieve, sports does :)” Meanwhile another noted, “Indian culture is multifaceted and the whole world is ever ready to be dazzled. Beautiful [heart emoji].”

One user expressed that he’s elated that the players received the opportunity and wrote, “We are very happy that our hockey players from Jharkhand are going to the USA and they took the respect for Jharkhand [a notch higher].”

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