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This Bride And Groom’s Wholesome Dancing Video Enjoying At Their Wedding Is Viral

Cute bride and groom dancing video
In viral video on Twitter a bride and groom seem to be having the best time of their life holding hands and dancing to celebrate their wedding. The video has touched many users for its authenticity. The couple synchronise better than most people. Most importantly, they seem happy.

The video got flooded with comments from social media users who also shared it widely all over. The bride is seen wearing a pink lehenga with red dupatta while the groom is dressed in a three piece suit. They both are seen performing together on stage while the crowd cheers for them. They were dancing on the old song Tumsa Koi Pyaara from the movie Khuddar starring Govinda and Karishma Kapoor. The couple sure have made Govinda proud with their moves.

Cute Bride And Groom Dancing Video

Videos like this go viral for a reason. They remind us of the simple pleasures we hardly see people having around us. For example the concept of a bride and groom dancing at their own wedding should be normal. People having a ceremony for their life long relationship with each other should celebrate it, right? But what see at most weddings is that the bride is too coy to even move faster than a snail.

Most brides have been told to behave that way because it isn’t proper for a woman going marry a man to actually be happy about it. She moves with her head down, smiles just a little for the camera and makes sure her teeth are not visible, she eats like she is not used to food and most importantly–she can’t dance like some normal woman. She is the bride! In 2011, a television show named Looteri Dulhan became famous. It was a refreshing yet revolting image of a bride who would be cunning and smart. Then start the naming and shaming. Brides who would get upto dancing and if even if they would show a little excitement for their wedding would be shamed for it.

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The viral video of the groom and bride dancing on stage has pleased people of the internet for all the right reasons. Its refreshing and wholesome to watch them have the best time at their wedding because who else is supposed to be happier than them on their big day ? Watch the video here.