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Mother’s Reaction After Son Buys Her New Phone Is Winning The Internet

mother reacts to new phone gifted by son
Parents struggle most of their lives to provide for their children and it is also fair that they get the same treatment when their children grow up and have the ability to do so. Most parents do not expect their children to give them gifts or help them with money and are overjoyed even with the smallest gestures.

A video going viral on social media captures a similar moment when a son surprised his mother with a new phone and her reaction is everything. The video also spoke to actor R Madhavan who shared the video on his timeline.

Mother Reacts To New Phone Gifted By Son:

It was first shared by a Twitter user named Vignesh Sammu on January 5 and has received more than four lakh views. Sammu captioned the video in Tamil which translated to, “There was a phone worth Rs 8800 inside the bag. But there’s no price for the amount of happiness my mom felt.” The new phone was Sammu’s birthday gift to his mother.

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As soon his mother unboxed the new phone she seemed on cloud nine and the happiness on her face was infectious. R Madhavan while sharing the video wrote, “This happiness has no price.” It is heartwarming how a mobile phone, pretty much a regular gadget for most of us can be such a special thing to Sammu’s mother. Sometimes it does not matter what the gift is if the person giving it is so dear to us.

Ever since the video was posted on Twitter, netizens have been showering their love on Sammu and his mother for the priceless moment shared by them. One user wrote, “Make others happy is wonderful thing. When you make your mother or your parents happy is a unimaginable wonder in the world. God bless you all. What a unexpected surprise to a mother, Vow, it great son.” Since the woman first when to her son confirming about the big expenditure he had made before really sitting down and enjoying the gift, many people noted how its a typical mother reaction. Watch the video here.