Unconditional Love: Mother Protects Son From Rain, Soaking Herself

In a viral video, a woman is shown riding pillion as her son's passenger while shielding him from the rain. Over 23 million people have watched the video and received affable comments

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Mother's love is unconditional and it needs no proof. However viral videos showing such love keep warming our hearts. In one such latest video, we can see a woman sitting in the passenger seat shielding his son from rain. 


The son was driving the bike and the mother in the pillion seat was shielding him, getting herself soaked in the rain. The elderly woman used a bag as a tool to protect her son's head from rain. The video demonstrates selflessness and motherly love in its purest form. There might be so many moments in our life, where mothers do such things unknowingly, sometimes we as children don't even acknowledge it. This moment from the video is a representative of everything that mothers do unconditionally for their children out of love and passion. 

Mother Protects Son From Rain

The video has amassed over 23 million views on Instagram. The Instagram video was shared by William Patrick. It seems so simple, in fact, a lot of us could relate to it because we at some point might have taken our mother to the market or bank and had the same moment. 

Internet users poured their views in the comment section, they mentioned the serenity and the sacrifice of mothers. One of the Instagram users commented that a mother is always innocent and selfless to her children and she always prioritises her child no matter how tough the situation is.

Another incident of selfless motherly was when a US mother every morning before sending her daughter to school drew a heart on her hand. So that her kid can look at the heart and have a tangible reminder of her when she misses her. The mother pointed out that her daughter can feel comfort by knowing that even if she wasn't physically present, her mother would always be there for her.

It is indeed aptly said that a mother's love for her child has no limits. An 88-year-old woman approaches a hospital with grace to see her 64-year-old daughter, who is valiantly battling illness and receiving chemotherapy, in a viral video from May 2023. 

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