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Fiji Man’s Hilarious Recreation Of Fashion Shows A Hit On Internet; Video Goes Viral

Man's Recreation Of Fashion Shows A Hit On Internet
A man imitated the models who walk the runway at fashion shows in a creative video that was posted on Instagram. The things he used to represent the outfits the models were wearing in the video have caused it to become extremely popular.

A 24-year-old content creator from Fiji is consistently winning the internet by presenting his version of fashion shows. The humorous Tiktok video has been shared by netizens on several social media platforms, like Meta, Instagram, and Twitter. This video, which has received millions of views, is now an internet sensation. Moreover, there are many such videos on his Instagram account.

Man’s Recreation Of Fashion Shows

The viral video begins with Shaheel Shermont Flair, “model,” recreating catwalks on ramps using everyday objects to replace fancy clothing. The items consisted of an aluminium ladder, a walker, and a tin sheet around his waist. He is also seen walking with a wooden ladder, an iron door, and a wooden bench on his shoulders as the video goes on. Even worse, a girl was seen hanging off his shoulder as he walked.

Every time he goes out, he manages to amaze people with his creative and funny take on contemporary and lavish attire, while nailing the catwalk while emerging from behind a wall. His humorous appearance and the way he moves while maintaining a straight face have left internet users in splits throughout his reels.

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Sharing the video, a Twitter user named Dr Ajayita wrote, “Most fashion shows these days.” Watch the video here. Many expressed their views in the comment section. A user wrote, “Most creative! I hope those fashion designers take a clue from this young man. His props look more appealing than any of their crazy creations. ” Another user wrote, “It’s actually way better than the fashion shows of current times.” Another user wrote, “He is too good Look at his expressions Just like a professional one. “

Users also flooded the creator’s humorous video with laughing emojis in their comments. A user commented, “Thank you for this. I needed a laugh today. You are awesome!” Another user wrote,  “Bro you have that walk too clean. You kill me unno. I feel you may just end up on a runway.” One of the users wrote, “Omg. Hilarious,” a third user said.”

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