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Woman From Love You Zindagi Viral Video Passes Away: 10 Things To know

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Patient seen in Love You Zindagi Viral Video passes away: The 30-year-old woman seen in a recently viral video, featuring the song Love You Zindagi, succumbed to COVID-19 sand passed away on May 13.  The news about her demise was shared by the same doctor who had originally shared her video on social media. The woman, who identity has not been revealed, is survived by her husband and young child.

The Love You Zindagi video had moved many people to tears, who couldn’t stop admiring the courage and spirit shown by the COVID-19 patient despite being on oxygen support and failing to find a bed in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital where she was being treated. Here are ten things to know about this moving video and the patient featured in it:

  1. On May 8, Dr Monika Langeh tweeted about a 30-year-old female COVID positive patient. She could not get an ICU bed and was in the COVID emergency ward since the last 10 days. The doctor said that she was being given all the medicines. “She is a strong girl with strong will power asked me to play some music & I allowed her. Lesson: Never lose the Hope” she added. The doctor also shared a video where the patient could be seen listening to the song Love You Zindagi from Dear Zindagi featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.
  2. The video went viral on social media and netizens appreciated the woman for her strong will power. The doctor kept updating everyone about her health through her tweets.
  3. A few days after the viral video, Dr. Langeh said that the patient got an ICU bed but her condition was not stable. She requested all her followers to pray for her. The doctor also revealed that the woman had a child waiting for her at home.
  4. On May 13, Dr Monika Langeh announced that the patient had passed away. She tweeted, “I am very sorry…we lost the brave soul. Please pray for the family and the kid to bear this loss”.
  5. The doctor requested the news channels to spare her from any interviews regarding the deceased patient. She also said that her family was mourning and didn’t accept any help from them. The woman’s husband also refused to give any interviews as he is not in the state to talk at this moment.
  6. “Please be ethical and have some moral responsibility. They have lost their family member, a charming soul. Please feel their pain. I was emotionally connected with her. I need some time. Thank you,” said the doctor.
  7. Soon, condolence messages for the loss of the young woman started pouring in.
  8. Referring to the Love You Zindagi viral video, a user wrote, “The song is hers now. May her family overcome this”.
  9. Another user said, “Heart-breaking. hard to believe such a spirited young girl couldn’t make it. I’m so sorry”.
  10. IPS officer Dipanhu Kabra also left a message saying, “Terrible. Pained to know this…May her soul rest in peace”. Click here to know more about the case.