'Future Pro Driver' : Five-Year-Old's Go-Kart Run Amuses Internet

In a viral video on the internet, a five-year-old girl's professional driving skills and smooth steering control amazed the social media users.

Avishka Tandon
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little girl driving go-kart
A video of five-years-old girl is doing rounds of internet. She can be seen playing Go-Kart with her play cart and making smooth turns around a cone like a professional driver. When the cone gets stuck to her car, she drives around dragging it along, getting highly excited.

It is easier to teach your children things and skills at a young age. Young mind retains information better and they can learn new things easier. Teaching certain skills at a young age also allows them to practice and master them over time. If you teach your child a skill in which he or she is already interested, they will be enthusiastic to master it. An example of this fact is a viral video on Reddit which shows a young girl driving a go-kart professionally. She can be seen efficiently controlling her kart and turning it smoothly at such a young age which will make you believe that she has a natural talent for it.

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Viral Video : Little Girl Driving Go-Kart Like A Pro

The video was shared on MadeMeSmile Reddit page with the caption, "The glee on my five year old daughter’s face at the end of her go-kart run". The video begins with a little five-years-old girl going around a cone driving her go-kart. She makes first few turns smoothly without touching the cone. However, on her next turn, she bumps into the cone and it gets stuck on the hind wheel of her red-coloured go-kart.


Amused by this, she mischievously sticks the cone to the front wheel and drags it along with her as she drives her go-kart around. A male voice, possibly her father, can be seen laughing and cheering her from behind the camera. She pulls the breaks near the person recording and gives a gleeful laugh. The Reddit users were amused by the driving skills of the young girl and claimed that she might become a professional F1 racer in future.

A user wrote in the comments, "Future professional drifting driver! If you cannot drive around the cone, just drive around with the cone!". Another one wrote, "My kid had the same cart at 3. What I learned watching him is that kids actually intuitively understand how to turn into a slide and recover, and then quickly learn how to do it on purpose. It's only when you've spent 15 years before getting into a car that you have to unlearn stuff to handle a car like that."

A user appreciated her skills at such a young age and wrote, "As counter intuitive as counter steering a drift is she is already well ahead of many adults. And she is having a blast dad has to get her a gutless fwd at 16 or she is going to out drive a lot of us." Another one wrote, "The fact she is counter steering is INSANE. Is this like how babies know how to swim? They know how to drift but we lose it as we get older"

The internet loved the bad**s driving of the little girl and wondered what marvels she would do when she gets older. Hope she posts a throwback video in future where we can see how she evolved her skills.

Viral Video Little Girl Driving Go-Kar