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Group Of Men Attack Woman Vegetable Vendor, Overturns Her Cart

indore Woman Vegetable Vendor viral video
Indore Woman Vegetable Vendor Viral Video: The video of a group of men who were seen beating the woman has gone viral on social media. The video from Indore of Madhya Pradesh is about a woman named Dwarka Bai who is a vegetable vendor and suffered the assault at the hands of merciless assailants.

A similar incident of video of a woman crushing the fruit of a cart-man went viral from Bhopal. 

Indore Woman Vegetable Vendor Viral Video:

The incident reportedly took place at the Bhanwarkuan area of Indore where a doctor entered into a fight with the vegetable vendor and got her cart with vegetables turned by a set of people. Dwarka Bai and her son Raju were been beaten by the men in the video posted by a Twitter user named Anurag Dwary. As per the witness on the site, the woman and her son asked the doctor to remove the car that was parked in front of their pushcart. 

The doctor reportedly called his staff from the clinic who then attacked the vendor family. They also overturned the cart on which the vegetables were kept(as seen in the video). The onions and potatoes rolled down the road and the woman was seen fighting back the men who attacked her. Few other men also joined the attack as was seen in the latter part of the video and a few others prevented the men from hitting him. 

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A few days back, the video of a woman throwing off the fruits from the cart of a vendor as his cart brushed against the car of the lady. She paid no heed even after the man repeatedly urged her to stop and kept smashing her fruits on the road.

Avinash Lavania, Collector of Bhopal took cognisance of the matter and directed officials to take appropriate action after the woman is identified. 

Both the incidents have caused a huge furor among the social media users who have labelled such acts as “unfortunate”, “atrocities against those who cannot speak”. 

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