Viral Video: Bhopal Woman Throws Vendor’s Fruits On Road After Cart Brushes With Her Car

Gauahar Khan Slams The Bhopal Woman, Woman Throws Vendor's Fruits
The video of a woman in Bhopal throwing a roadside vendor’s fruits off his cart is going viral on social media. Reports suggest the woman acted following a slight brush the cart had with her car. Clips of the incident circulating on social media have evoked a strong reaction from many netizens demanding state authorities to take appropriate action against the woman.

As per a report, the woman seen throwing the fruits has been identified one Chitralekha Tripathi, a professor at a private university.

Despite the vendor’s multiple appeals, even reportedly including those of getting any damages fixed for her, the woman allegedly paid no heed and continued to toss the fruits off his cart in a show of anger. In the video, she is further seen complaining to passersby about the vendor “hitting” her car.

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Social Media Reacts As Woman Throws Vendor’s Fruits In Viral Video

“Unfortunately no one from public came forward stop that lady,” one user wrote on Twitter. “What arrogance ! And people are standing there and passing by. Someone is recording. What a society we have become,” another wrote.

Ego चला रही थीं या Alto?” wrote one user. “If the thela touched her car it is not criminal offence. What that lady did is criminal offence,” one comment read. “The vendor should pay for her car scratch and make her pickup all fruits,” said a user. 

While several came to the defence of the fruit vendor, some netizens were of the opinion that he should not have been on the road in the first place. “If I were at place of this women, I have reacted in the same way. People needs to understand roads are for vehicles not for street vendors,” one user wrote.

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On Twitter, where the video from Bhopal is being circulated widely, many netizens are tagging authorities including the city commissioner, the collector and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, in a bid to bring their attention to the incident and initiate relevant action.