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Reaction Of Indian Mom Trying German Food Goes Viral, Totally Relatable

Indian Mom Trying German Food
Usually, foreign native trying Indian food goes viral, but this time Indians trying a foreign delicacy has been doing rounds of the internet. A video of an Indian woman’s reaction to a German snack pretzel has become relatable to netizens. The pretzel is a baked pastry made from dough that looks like a knot.

Indian Mom Trying German Food

The woman’s daughter Kaveri shared a video on Instagram and captioned the video ”Wait for the End…Ab samajh jao…But pretzel is still my favourite…Yes yes, I took some time to like it too.” Also, the text in the video reads as ”Indian Mom trying German food”.

In the video woman is in the Indian look with sindoor and pretzel in hand, the video opens with a commentary by her daughter Kaveri, where Kaveri tells her viewers of her mother trying out a pretzel and how she is becoming german already. Later, poses a question to her mother eating small bites from the snack.

Kaveri asks, “how’s the pretzel.” The mother replies, “Theek Thak (ok-ish).” By her expression, it felt like she wasn’t impressed with the taste. Her daughter keep pestering her, to tell the truth of how she felt, she hilariously repeated, ”theek hi thak hai, matlab samajh jao (It’s just okay, you can understand yourself).”

As the post went viral many started commenting in-
One user said, ”Hahahahah… Moms are the sweetest. Btw after your built up, I was expecting her to reply “es ist nicht gut.”

Another wrote, ”Aunty ke expressions se pata chal gaya (Aunty’s expressions say it all).”

Relating to the mother in video, a user said, ”I also didn’t like pretzel.” ”This is sweet of her to try what a cute moment”, added another. Another user commented, “Pretzel is so dry and just hate it. I wonder people in comments who are asking not to make fun of the local food, how enslaved are they yet with the colonial mindset.”

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