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Heartwarming: In-Laws Cheer For Daughter-In-Law As She Makes Her First TV Appearance

in-laws cheer for daughter-in-law
When it comes to their marital homes, women share a complex relationship with their in-laws and vice versa. Women see their in-laws as people who need to be respected, cared for and obeyed. Do they see them as their cheerleaders? How many in-laws actually become the support system for their daughters-in-law, ensuring that they don’t have to compromise with their aspirations for the sake of performing household duties?

Indian films and TV dramas have only further complicated this equation. Most bahus or in-laws are not always as wicked as interpreted by the general entertainment in our country, but it is equally true that the saas/sasur-bahu relationship is mostly a tense or a formal one. It is also not as homogenous as the kind of equation that a child shares with their parents- where you constantly have each other’s backs. But there are times when in-laws can be understanding and supportive of their bahu. In such cases, a daughter-in-law not only shares a warm relationship with her in-laws but also a set of cheerleaders who root for her every achievement- little or big.

In-Laws Cheer For Daughter-In-Law In Viral Video

Indian-American physician Dr Runjhun M recently shared a video on Instagram with the text, “when my in laws saw me on national TV for the first time”. In the caption of her post, the physician revealed that she had always dreamt of appearing on TV and having her own talk show but it was not even once when she saw someone like her coming on TV while growing up. However, recently she got a call from the American TV program Good Morning America to appear on the show and talk about her journey of being a mother and a physician.

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She further writes in the caption, “This appearance made my dream to be on national TV closer to reality…and I celebrated it alone with none other than two of my biggest cheerleaders…my in laws.” She also revealed that while her husband and son were fast asleep in their beds, but her in-laws woke up at 6 and even delayed their morning tea to catch her on TV. In the video they can be seen cheering as soon as Runjhun appears on screen.

The video has got 201k likes and 478 comments and many congratulated her for her achievement and complimented her supportive in-laws. We need to share more such stories to normalise the idea that Indian in-laws aren’t always dominating and demanding. They can be supportive of their daughters-in-law and ensure that they have all the support and love that they require to flourish in life.