Gauahar Khan Calls The Bhopal Woman In Viral Video Throwing Fruits "Loser"

Gauahar Khan slams the Bhopal viral video woman and calls her a "loser" and offers financial help to fruit vendor.

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Gauahar Khan Slams The Bhopal Woman, Woman Throws Vendor's Fruits
Gauahar Khan Slams The Bhopal Woman in Viral Video: Gauahar Khan slammed the woman who threw fruits from a vendor's cart in a viral video. She called her a loser.

Miss India 2002 participant, Khan, is widely known for being outspoken on social media. She went ahead and reacted to the viral video of the Bhopal woman's rage after the vendors handcart hits her car.

In the viral video, the angry woman can be seen throwing fruits from a vendor's cart and smashing them on the road.  The woman is also seen overturning the fruit vendor's handcart loaded with fruits on the road.

The fruit seller's papayas spread on the road and fill into the drain. The locals present at the scene had raised objections over her reaction but the angry woman did not seem to listen or care about it. The fruit seller was seen pleading to the angry woman to stop in the viral video.

The woman became furious when the vendor's handcart allegedly hit the car parked in front of a house.

Ashraf, the fruit seller was passing through a colony with a handcart loaded with papaya and had brushed the handcart with a car parked in front of a house.

After the woman found out about what happened she stopped him and threw the papaya on the road and overturned his handcart.


The Piplani police reached the scene after the locals informed the police station about the situation. The woman's husband had to reportedly pay two thousand rupees to the fruit vendor.

After the video went viral on Twitter netizens started tagging authorities such as the city commissioner, the collector, and Shivraj Singh Chouhan to initiate relevant action.

Rocket Singh actor Gauahar Khan, called the woman a 'loser' for her impulsive behaviour. She also asked for the details of the fruit seller to be shared with her in order to offer him financial help.

“What a high-headed loser. Shame on her. Please help me with any info on the fruit vendor, I’d like to buy his entire cart for him, and she caused a loss too. Name her and shame her,” commented Gauahar Khan on her Instagram post.

Netizens appreciated the Bigg boss 7 winner's gesture with supportive comments. “You’re such a tender-hearted person,” said one Instagram user while another added: “You have such a beautiful soul.”

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The actor lashed out at people who "gave interviews" after meeting the late actor Sidharth Shukla's grieving family.

“Any one who has met a grieving family, should not give out details. Really sad to see people giving interviews about family members and sharing details. Stop,” she wrote. She added, “If you have gone to pay your respect don’t come out and become a khabri and add to the low standard of journalism.”

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