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Viral Video: Elderly Woman Brutally Thrashed In UP After Row With Neighbour

Elderly Woman Thrashed In UP After Row With Neighbour
An argument over water supply with a neighbour led to the brutal assault of an elderly woman in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday, according to the police.

The incident occurred in the neighbourhood of the Bansdiharod police station’s Bighi village. According to the information, the elderly woman was installing a pipe to supply water from the water tank and was brutally attacked by her neighbour.

Elderly Woman Thrashed In UP After Row With Neighbour

The police acted quickly, and a case was filed after the video went viral. The police have filed a complaint against two people. The incident is said to be from  February 15.

According to Additional Superintendent of Police Durga Prasad Tiwari, the Bighi village of the Bansdiharod police station is the site of this case. He added, “Social media sites saw a video go viral where a person was biting an elderly woman. She attempted to connect a pipe to a water tank outside her home when a dispute erupted between her and her neighbour.”

He went on to say that other neighbours tried to stop him, but the man continued to scream at her and kick her.

The horrific video shows the elderly woman laying on the ground as the man continues to beat her and repeatedly kicks her in the head. A neighbour can be seen attempting to intervene and drag the man off the woman before the video ends.

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Durga Prasad Tiwari added that after obtaining Tahrir from the party who felt wronged, a special case was filed under the appropriate sections as soon as information in this regard came to light. “The accused are being sought after by Bansdiharod’s team. A person is being questioned while they are in custody, and whoever is accused in this will be arrested and further action taken. It has been learned that there was an argument with the neighbour over the placement of a water pipe. A case has been filed against two people.”