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Netizens Are Showering Love On An Elderly Couple’s Dancing Video

Elderly Couple Dancing Goes Viral
An elderly couple getting loved by their dancing and enjoying a song by Lata Mangeshkar. This video has been cherishing the internet with a  ‘wow moment’ since it was uploaded.

An Instagram video of an elderly couple dancing to the classic tune Aa Jane Jaan has gone viral. Instagram user Robin Nakai captured the couple’s happy and loving moment on camera and uploaded it on the social networking site.

Elderly Couple Dancing Goes Viral

The couple appears to be in the middle of a party in the footage. As the music plays, they both begin to dance and enjoy the song. A bunch of individuals can be seen smiling and observing the duo from behind them.

“A love story… in dance and music,” the caption read. This video was shared two weeks ago and has received a lot of positive feedback.

The lady is dressed in a brown saree, and the old man is dressed in a black suit. They are both dancing and romancing with their love in their eyes. Everyone in the videos appears to be having a good time and dancing. Without a doubt, Lata Mangeshkar’s melodies speak directly to the hearts of all who hear them.

Netizens shows love on the viral video. A user wrote, “Oh! So beautiful! Loved watching again and again. This the Jodi made in heaven ❤️ God bless the graceful and lovely couple.” Nandita Singh  wrote, ” Watching this on loop! So beautiful. 🌷”. A netizens wrote, “Such a graceful couple.. and their love for each other reflecting in their dance.” A user also commented, “She is still as beautiful as ever !”

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Meanwhile, a video of an old man energetically dancing for his wife went viral. Shruthi Vasudevan, an Instagram user, posted a brief video of a 70-year-old guy dancing passionately in a lungi and a white vest to the song Arabic Kuthi from the film ‘The Beast.’