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Dog Stays By Owner Throughout Her Delivery, Pictures Will Melt Your Heart

Dog Stays With Owner Giving Birth
Dogs are often described as “man’s best friend” and they have proven their loyalty towards their human parents every chance they got. The way they support and stand for their humans shows that they too have emotions and feel as much attachment as we do.

You might have come across a million dog videos on internet these days that would have melted your heart. From crazy shenanigans with their humans to playing around with fellow animals like cats and birds, a significant part of social media is dedicated to heartwarming videos of their interaction with humans.

We all must have heard about how loyal dogs are towards their owners and adding to the long list of such stories is the story of a Corgi who stayed by the side of its pregnant owner the entire time she gave birth.

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Dog Stays With Owner Giving Birth

On Reddit, a user shared the story of a woman who delivered her child and wrote, “Mom Giving Birth Doesn’t Realize Corgi Never Left Her Side Until Photographer Shows Her The Pics”. The video shared with the post showed a compilation of pictures that showed her entire delivery journey right from when she got into labour to when the baby was born.

In the pictures she can be seen crouching near a tree, getting a massage as she gets ready for her water birth. In all the pictures, her pet Corgi can be seen watching over her and kissing her as she goes through pain.

In the last pictures, the Corgi can be seen checking the baby wrapped in a cloth and as the woman sits holding her baby, the Corgi can be seen lying beside them. The dog never left the side of its owner as she went through labour and constantly checked upon her if she was okay.

The video is gaining heartwarming reactions online. A Reddit user commented, “Aww, that worried little face. Dogs really are the sweetest.” Another one wrote, “Has like a ‘idk what mom’s going through, but she needs the support right now’ face”. The users are loving how worried and supportive he is towards its owner.