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Viral Video: Stranger Helps Little Afghan Girl Selling Pens On Roadside

Afghan Girl Selling Pens
Recently, a video of a little Afghan girl selling pens getting help from a stranger went viral, in which the girl can be seen selling pens on the roadside. The video was originally posted on Instagram and is now getting re-shared across various social media platforms.

The video was posted 6 days ago, which the viewers found really heart-touching. In less than a week, the video accumulated more than 1.1 million views so far with the number of views on it continuously increasing.

An Instagram user named Mahnaz Safi posted the video on her Instagram handle with the caption, “If I bought all of them would you be happy?” People on Instagram absolutely loved the video as well as the gesture of kindness done by the stranger.

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Afghan Girl Selling Pens

In the video, a little girl can be seen trying to sell pens on the roadside to someone from the window of their car. The person sitting in the car asked her name and about the price of the pens, to which she replied that her name is Zainab and the pens are for 20 cents each, the stranger ended up purchasing all of them from her and even paid her some extra money, which made the girl smile with joy. The girl after getting the money went back, bouncing with unrestrained happiness the whole way back.

Most of the Instagram users who saw the post praised the gesture of kindness and dropped comments on the post to show their appreciation and how much they got affected by the video. One such Instagram user wrote a comment on the post, “What a sweet child… it pains me to see them working instead of being in school. The way she happily hopped away at the end”. Another Instagram user wrote, Man that broke my heart. Selling a few pens for .20 cents each, and probably can’t even get a bowl of rice to go home with. Thanks to this lady now she can get food for a whole week!!.

People also appreciated the little girl for her cuteness and beauty and also prayed for her to have a good future, with comments like, “This video brought tears to my eyes such a beautiful girl, may God always protect her and bless her with everything of the best” another user wrote, “Beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful voice, beautiful heart and I wish good will bless her with a beautiful future”.